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See you in Vancouver tonight

We’ve finalized the Vancouver micro meetup tonight. We’ll be holding it at Hootsuite HQ on 5, East 8th Ave. at 7pm on October 4. Extra special thanks to the folks at Hootsuite for helping

See you tomorrow in Warsaw

We're holding a micro-meetup tomorrow in Warsaw. We'll be holding it at Campus Warsaw, 33C Ząbkowska, 03-736 Warszawa, Poland. The fun starts at 6pm and ends at 8pm with some after-event drinks nearb

TechCrunch Tel Aviv Pitch-Off: Here are your startups and judges!

On June 28 we’re hosting the TechCrunch Meetup + Pitch-Off in Tel Aviv — and it's gonna be a blast! We have a great lineup of judges who are going to listen to the startup pitches and crown the wi

TechCrunch Helsinki Meetup Sees Finland’s New Startup Generation

Finland has a rich heritage in technology. Whatever crisis of confidence the masters of Nokia had, eventually leading to its gutting by Microsoft, that long heritage has served it well, giving rise to

Thanks, Toronto, For Hosting A Great TechCrunch Meetup

Monday night was our TechCrunch meetup in Toronto and we had a blast. The city's entrepreneurs and tech community showed up in full force for a night of networking and revelry, hosted at Toronto local

Tomorrow, There Will Be More Than 350 TechCrunch Birthday Parties Everywhere

<img src=""/> Tomorrow, TechCrunch turns five years old. We've grown up with the Web over that time from a one-man hobby in Michael's ho

We Love You Too: 250+ TechCrunch Anniversary Meetups And Counting

<img src="" /> On June 11, it will be exactly five years since <a href="">Michael Arrin