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  • Inside The Beep Factory

    When we first met Beep, a wireless audio system created by ex-Googlers Daniel Conrad and Shawn Lewis, it was still in prototype stage. Now, almost six months later, the team is preparing to assemble their first mass-produced units deep in the heart of San Francisco tech territory. They gave us a tour of their small facility and, more importantly, a peek at their manufacturing methods. Read on… Read More

  • Adafruit Looks to Ignite DIY Electronics | TechCrunch Makers

    TC Makers: A Walk Through Adafruit Industries With Limor Fried

    Since we started Makers I’ve made it a priority to try to visit Adafruit Industries, the amazing Manhattan-based electronics shop run by Limor Fried. Fried started her company out of her dorm room at MIT, building cool electronics kits for her friends. She slowly expanded into other hobbyist realms including Arduino add-ons, how-to books, and cases. Now her store is bustling with 1,302… Read More

  • Red Hook Distillery Creates Small-Batch Spirits | TechCrunch Makers

    TechCrunch Makers: An Evening At The Van Brunt Stillhouse

    What do you do when you already have the coolest job in the world? You start a business where you can have another amazing job on evenings and weekends. Daric Schlesselman is an editor for the Daily Show in Manhattan who lives in deepest Red Hook, a small, cool community on the edge of Brooklyn. There he rents a former paint factory where he’s set up the Van Brung Stillhouse and… Read More

  • TC Makers: Centeye Creates Insect-Like Flying Robots In A DC Basement

    TC Makers: Centeye Creates Insect-Like Flying Robots In A DC Basement

    When we first wandered up to the suburban home that house Centeye Inc., we were a bit confused. Could this be the place where a mad roboticist was building tiny robots with insect eyes and brains that could interact with their environment? We rang the doorbell and weren’t disappointed. Read More

  • Thermovape | TechCrunch Makers

    TechCrunch Makers: Inside The Thermovape Factory

    It’s not often you get to interview a nuclear engineer and a physician who run a tiny vaporizer factory out of an oversized garage outside of San Francisco so today is your lucky day. Two weeks ago we spent some time with the guys from Themovape, a homegrown, self-funded hardware company that just happens to produce some of the coolest and most effective vaporizers I’ve seen. For… Read More

  • TechCrunch Makers: Georgia Tech’s Musical Robots

    TechCrunch Makers: Georgia Tech’s Musical Robots

    Gil Weinberg is a Ph.D with a background in jazz. More importantly, however, he’s an expert in the field of artificial intelligence, especially in how it intersects with concepts of creativity and musicianship. His projects, Shimi and Shimon, two music-playing robots that regularly amaze audiences around the world, explore what it means to “play” music. He asks whether music… Read More

  • MakerBot | TechCrunch Makers

    TechCrunch Makers Episode One: Inside Brooklyn’s Makerbot With Bre Pettis

    It’s been months in the making, but here it is: the first episode of TechCrunch Makers, featuring Bre Pettis of Makerbot. We visited Bre’s downtown Brooklyn factory where he and the rest of team design, build, and ship hundreds of Makerbots a week. Read More