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How to manage uncertainty with Habi and Inspired Capital on TechCrunch Live

I’m excited to announce the co-founder and CEO of Habi, Brynne McNulty Rojas, is joining me on an extra-special edition of TechCrunch Live on April 12 at 12 p.m. PDT. Brynne leads the hot real estat

Listen to the TechCrunch Live Podcast for top founders and investors giving actionable advice

Did you know TechCrunch’s weekly event series has a podcast? Aptly called The TechCrunch Live Podcast, these shows are condensed versions of the weekly event minus the video. Of course, if you p

Hear Oma Fertility and Root Ventures talk male IVF challenges on TechCrunch Live

Building a company during the pandemic is hard; raising $71.5 million in the fertility sector is an impressive feat at any time. Today, Oma Fertility co-founder Kiran Joshi and Root Ventures Partner C

Why some VCs bet on people over businesses

It’s been tough to raise funds in the last few years for most sectors, and many VCs will tell you that a startup needs to have a killer product-market fit before getting that check. But Eric Tar

Oma Fertility to speak on building a better IVF experience on TechCrunch Live

Join TechCrunch Live on March 29 at 12 pm PDT to hear Oma Fertility's Gurjeet Singh and Chrissy Meyer of Root Ventures speak on building a better IVF experience.

Hear from Contrary Capital and AtoB on TechCrunch Live today

We're talking to Eric Tarczynski of Contrary Capital and Harshita Arora of AtoB about how the VC and startup world reacts to the Girl Genius vs. the Boy Genius.

Hear why AtoB calls itself Stripe for trucking on TechCrunch Live

Trucking is a vital industry and yet the majority of operations are operating on outdated platforms. AtoB thinks it has the solution and co-founder Harshita Arora says the company is essentially Strip

TechCrunch Live Podcast: How to battle burnout and profit off human thriving, according to Thrive Global’s Ariana Huffington

On this week’s TechCrunch Live podcast, TechCrunch+ Editor In Chief Alex Wilhelm led the interview portion of our show. Alex spoke to Kleiner Perkins partner Mamoon Hamid and founder & CEO o

Practice your pitch with Kleiner Perkins and Sequoia Capital on TechCrunch Live

TechCrunch Live records live today and tomorrow at 12:00 PDT, and you’re invited to pitch your startup. Called Pitch Practice, it should be self-explanatory. Participants have a chance to practi

Hear from Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins this week on TechCrunch Live

You’re not going to want to miss this week’s TechCrunch Live events. The startup industry is experiencing unprecedented headwinds, and we want to talk about it. There are two events schedu

Hear why Kleiner Perkins went all in on Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global on TechCrunch Live

The best part of TechCrunch Live is that we grab folks who we chat with privately and bring those conversations to you as they happen. It’s a great way to tear the curtain back a bit and get unvarni

Boston offers a world of advantages for startup founders

In order to build a startup culture, a city or region needs some key elements in place — like an innovation engine to drive startup ideas. It needs a couple of successful exits, which in turn dr

Boston’s university-to-startup pipeline defies downturn to grow and diversify

The startup economy has grown and shifted since the turn of the century, and universities — stocked with a never-ending supply of smart, ambitious young people — have increasingly taken part. Bost

Hear from Oort and .406 Ventures on why cybersecurity companies thrive in Boston

Did you hear? The TechCrunch Live crew is taking a virtual trip to the Northeast. On Monday, February 27 (that’s in a couple days!), we’re hosting a special, extended TechCrunch Live event

Announcing the startups pitching at TechCrunch Live’s (virtual) Boston event!

I’m thrilled to announce the three startups to pitch at TechCrunch Live’s special event in Boston. This virtual event start at 2:00 pm EST/11:00 am PST on Monday, February 27 and is free t

Hear how to find a co-founder on TechCrunch Live

Successful startups need a solid founding team of like-minded people. But how do you find and hire others to help build, sell, and manage your product? Tanis Jorge and David Blumberg are speaking abou

Keep trying after a VC says no, says Tonkean CEO on TechCrunch Live

On this week’s TechCrunch Live, I spoke with CEO and co-founder of Tonkean, Sagi Eliyahu, and Foundation Capital partner, Joanne Chen. Tonkean started in 2015 as a no-code development platform,

Last call to apply to pitch at TechCrunch’s (virtual) event in Boston

TechCrunch is thrilled to be shinning the spotlight at the Boston startup ecosystem, and we’re looking for some good early-stage startups to pitch their companies. On February 27, from 11:00-1:0

Today’s TechCrunch Live: Why cybersecurity is still hiring and spending with Vanta and Sequoia

Layoffs. They’re everywhere throughout Silicon Valley. While it seems like every company is cutting, some industries are on an upward swing, including cybersecurity. I’m excited to have Vanta CEO

TechCrunch Live is going to Boston, and you’re invited!

Boston has long been one of the most important startup ecosystems in the United States. With major universities and a legacy of innovation, the city is a great place to start up and run a venture-back
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