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Diversity is central to TechCrunch’s mission. We believe everyone, regardless of background, should have access to the immense possibilities of the tech world, and, at the same time, we are confident that more diverse workforces will only strengthen technology businesses. TechCrunch’s Include program aims to promote diversity by applying resources uniquely available to TechCrunch, including our editorial and events platforms, and by exemplifying the diversity mission in TechCrunch’s own staffing and culture.

Core Principles

The Include program will encompass many projects and experiments over time, but whatever shape the Include program takes these guiding principles will be at the core:

  • Collaborative and Open. The Include effort will call on the broader community for ideas and support. We will work with individuals and organizations outside TechCrunch that can provide constructive insights and criticism as well as benefit from TechCrunch resources.
  • Transparent and Accountable. TechCrunch will announce all Include initiatives publicly as well as post results for each initiative. That information will be trackable on TechCrunch’s Include channel.
  • Evolving. We expect to encounter both successes and failures as Include moves forward, but we will apply what we learn to new projects and approaches.

In broadest terms, TechCrunch Include aims to provide access to those historically underrepresented in the tech world. Our initial efforts will focus its efforts on underrepresented groups in tech including, but not limited to, Black and African Americans, Latino and Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, women, aging Americans, the economically disadvantaged, and the LGBTQ community. We recognize that this is not the whole picture. Over time, TechCrunch will take a fluid view of who qualifies for the Include program.

Include 2016 Initiatives


  • Increase the percentages of founders, investors, judges and founders on-stage at TechCrunch Disrupt Events and the Crunchies from underrepresented backgrounds.
  • Create a framework for evaluating coverage of diverse companies, founders and topics,
  • Hire(d) a writer to focus primarily on diversity issues in tech,


  • Form an Advisory Board to act as a sounding board for Include initiatives and feedback.


  • Track and report, at minimum, the gender and racial breakdown of Battlefield contestants and judges. Whenever possible, efforts will be made to report age, gender identity and socio-economic status as well.
  • Track and report, at minimum, the gender and racial breakdown of speakers at Disrupt. Whenever possible, efforts will be made to report age, gender identity and socio-economic status as well.
  • Provide X% of available tickets, free or heavily discounted to each major TechCrunch event to underrepresented groups or organizations working with to promote them in tech.
  • Host a Women in Tech(Crunch) event at each Disrupt.
  • Develop concept of an Include “gala” to raise money and provide exposure for groups working on diversity in tech for some time in 2016.
  • Create a Diversity Award for the Crunchies.
  • Host Include Office Hours with partner VC’s + a TechCrunch writer. Goal is to do approximately 12 office hours per year.


  • Launch the Include “channel” on TechCrunch.
  • Relevant posts from TechCrunch diversity beat.
  • Updates on the Include program.
  • Updates from organizations collaborating with Include.
  • Crowd-sourced directory of organizations working to improve diversity in tech.
  • Crowd-sourced listings for events relevant to the Include Mission.
  • Recommended links and data: Links to useful posts and data related to diversity efforts in tech.

Staff and Culture

  • TechCrunch will report annually on the demographic makeup of its own staff.
  • TechCrunch will hold period training sessions in subjects such as management topics relevant to the Include mission.
  • TechCrunch will publish an annual report of the impact of TechCrunch Include.
  • TechCrunch will meet host quarterly meetings and dinners with its Include Advisory Board.

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