techcrunch disrupt 2016

Rize teaches 3D printing some long-awaited new tricks

Boston-based Rize Inc has developed a new type of 3D printing which eliminates the need for lengthy post-printing clean-up processes. Its printers are able to imbue plastics with features they didn't

Brew it (cider) yourself with Alchema

Things are starting to get a bit crowded in the world of automated home brewing, with startups like PicoBrew, Brewie and BrewBot all more or less vying for the same small sliver of space. And while th

Stilla is a ridiculously simple security system

$29 will get you a Stilla if you act fast. The startup’s simple security system hit Indiegogo about a week ago, and it’s already managed to pull in around $44k, courtesy of more than 600 backers.

Cloud-based iris identification is here, courtesy of MobileIrisID

One of the startups that caught my eye at TechCrunch Disrupt’s Startup Alley was MobileIrisID, a company that combines the convenience of the mobile phone with the power of the cloud. Aiming to

Digital marketers gain the power of AI and voice control with crystal

It's pretty difficult to make digital marketing sexy, but crystal is going at it with both barrels. Launched in public beta today at TechCrunch Disrupt's Startup Alley, the product features beautiful

Show-stealing stealth stimulator LoveNuts edges closer to production

What's the buzz all about at TechCrunch Disrupt? LoveNuts, that's what. It's a vibrator, designed to look like a funky nut -- and adds the glistening sheen of plausible deniability by pretending it's

Slack’s director of engineering, Leslie Miley, doesn’t believe in diversity quotas

Silicon Valley has a huge diversity problem, but a blunt instrument hiring quotas for diverse candidates still isn’t the answer, according to Slack head of engineering Leslie Miley. Instead, Si

The Autism Solutions bot helps autistic kids

With one out of every 64 American children being affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder, it's a huge problem worth working on. Shriya Sreeju (aged 6) agrees. She presented the Pepper Robot-powered Autis

PickMe, a bot for restaurant suggestions

Too much choice makes it harder to make a decision (a phenomenon that was detailed in “Modern Romance” from Aziz Ansari). So at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF Hackathon, a team of hackers developed Pic

Where are they now? 1st & Future alum Radd3 raises $2.2M from HTC

In coordination with Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium, TechCrunch partnered with Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and the National Football League on 1st & Future, a competition

AdBlock Plus closes in on a billion downloads

Ad blocking software’s usage on the web, and now mobile, has forced the media and publishing industry to look to new revenue models. And one of the most notable players in ad blocking is Germa

Announcing the Disrupt NY Hackathon judges and API workshops

The TechCrunch Disrupt NY Hackathon kicks off tomorrow, and we're honored to welcome the hackathon's stellar judges.