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TechCrunch Minute: Yahoo buys Artifact news app from Instagram’s co-founders

News that Yahoo is buying Artifact stirred the technology watercooler yesterday. Artifact was an interesting app, employing AI to help its users find and consume more, and more targeted news. It had s

TechCrunch Minute: All about Microsoft’s mega AI push after it hired Inflection AI’s co-founders

Microsoft’s latest gambit to snag much of the human talent from Inflection AI is causing waves this week. Redmond has previously invested in the company, but is now absorbing much of its staff i

TechCrunch Minute: Why the AI world is gathering at Nvidia’s GTC 2024 event this week

Chip giant Nvidia is hosting a massive AI conference as part of its GTC event this week, which kicks off Monday. With a keynote planned from Jensen Huang, CEO and co-founder, of the company best known

TechCrunch Minute: Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and the rest of the billionaires are fighting over the future of AI

The scrap over who should run OpenAI and how it should be managed is still the hottest topic in tech. Most recently, former co-founder and backer Elon Musk sued the AI company best known for ChatGPT a