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Investors agree that enterprise startups are hot in China

Enterprise startups may not be overtly sexy, but they are already commanding the attention of China's top investors. That's according to a collection of leading VCs who took to the stage for a panel d

How Southeast Asia’s VC scene stacks up to China’s VC scene

Some VC firms have a global presence. But startup investment tends to be a very local activity. Gobi Partners’ Kay-Mok Ku, Convergence Ventures’ Adrian Li and Golden Gate Ventures’ Jeffrey Paine

Is LeEco really in trouble?

Billionaire CEO Yueting Jia told employees in a letter last week that the company’s rapid growth was leading to stagnation and management problems at LeEco, and announced that he would invest $1

Sinovation Ventures’ Dr. Kai-Fu Lee is betting big on artificial intelligence

Given that Sinovation Ventures founder Dr. Kai-Fu Lee has around 50 million followers on Chinese social networks, he has become an oracle when it comes to predicting the future of tech in China. Kai-F

Why iRobot’s Colin Angle thinks the smart home starts with a robot vacuum

Robots — and the smart home in general — are a hot topic, and it’s one where an enormous amount of investment is happening right now. There are many companies like Nest and Ring that are tr