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Tech stocks tanked for the second straight day

It’s been a bad few days for tech stocks. The FANG stocks, a moniker used to collectively describe Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google (now Alphabet) have had a rough two days on Wall Street. A

Dell’s SecureWorks stumbles in first tech IPO of the year

It has been a dry year for tech IPOs. Up until today’s SecureWorks offering, there had been zero in the U.S. in 2016. Zero. This compares to seven in the same period last year and 24 in that tim

New law changes the liquidity game for tech company founders, workers and investors

Late last year, Congress passed legislation that substantially improved the legal landscape for startups, early-stage companies and the stakeholders in the ecosystem. You might have read about, for ex

Tech Stocks Show Weakness Amid Uncertain Global Economy

Tech stocks fell sharply on Friday, setting a somber mood for the industry this weekend. The carnage was widespread, with giants taking a stumble — Microsoft, -3.97%; Google, 2.92%; Facebook, -3

Tech Puts Points Back On The Board As Twitter, FireEye And Netflix Surge

The recent decline in tech stocks has led to a broad narrative: The market's appetite for young tech stocks in late 2013 and early 2014 led to valuation excesses, and the ensuing declines have all but

Business Week Picks Obvious 2007 Tech Stocks

. It’s in the running for the most obvious article ever written on the subject. The verdict? Apple shows signs of slowing and you might want to watch two little companies called Microsoft and Go