Tech Square Ventures

Danti uses natural language processing to make searching Earth data simple

Commercial and defense organizations have an Earth data overload problem: They collect vast amounts of heavily siloed data, with few ways to quickly synthesize insights and deliver them to the people

Atlanta’s sundry startups join in global VC funding boom

With around $3 billion invested in the first half of 2021, already around a 50% gain on 2020’s full-year figures, it’s clear Atlanta is seeing an unprecedented wave of venture investment.

With Atlanta rising as a new hub for tech, early stage firm Tech Square Ventures gets a new partner

Atlanta is coming up in the tech world with several newly minted billion-dollar businesses hailing from the ATL and the city’s local venture capital community is taking notice. Even as later sta

Atlanta-based Speedscale now has $2.2 million more to grow its API test automation business

It only took a few weeks after its Y Combinator demo day debut for the Atlanta-based API test automation company Speedscale to raise its first $2.2 million. Founded by longtime developers and Georgia

For one new fund, the question isn’t which corporate backer, but why not 10?

Engage Ventures is a new, Atlanta-based accelerator fund for early-stage deals. It isn't managing a ton of money -- it just closed on $15 million for its debut effort -- but it does have some interest