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A comprehensive list of 2023 & 2024 tech layoffs

The tech-wide reckoning that began in 2022 and ran throughout into 2023 has continued into this year. And while 2024’s losses are not at that scale, they’re still significant, driven by b

The feast and famine cycle of tech

Today, we're going over Zum's $140M round, why Ramp is on an acquisition spree, and how the tech layoff season simply refuses to fade away.

Tech layoffs scale to three-quarter high

It's not hard to spot the human pain in the market today.

Security giant Proofpoint is laying off 280 employees, about 6% of its workforce

Proofpoint is laying off about 6% of its global workforce, or 280 employees, the company confirmed to TechCrunch. “This decision was not taken lightly, and it is deeply rooted in our forward-loo

Aurora Solar lays off 20% of employees after reportedly missing growth targets

The SaaS startup, which provides software to solar installers, reportedly missed its growth targets for the past year.

Yes, the tech layoff surge you are feeling is real

January has thus far seen 23,670 known tech layoffs, sourced from 85 known reductions, and hitting tech shops big and small.

Discord lays off 170 people, blames growing too quickly

Discord has become a mainstay for many online communities in recent years, but its relative success hasn’t shielded the platform from the financial woes plaguing the tech industry. Like other co

AI hardware, fintech woes and venture capital’s shedding phase

Welcome back to Equity, the podcast about the business of startups. This is our revamped Wednesday episode, and we're going to be digging into critical startup and venture capital news.

Twitch is laying off another 500 employees

Another round of layoffs is hitting Twitch. The Amazon-owned livestreaming platform will cut 35% of its staff, or roughly 500 employees, Bloomberg reported Tuesday. Twitch publicly confirmed the layof

Are megafunds squeezing out small VCs and distorting the seed market?

This is our Friday show, and today, Mary Ann Azevedo and Alex Wilhelm took on the week's biggest tech, startup and venture capital news.

2023 showed cybersecurity isn’t immune from brutal layoffs

Despite a rise in cyberattacks and breaches, the cybersecurity industry is by no means exempt from the uncertainty inspired by the current economy. 2023 will likely be remembered as the “year of

Black representatives in Congress voice concerns over impact of tech layoffs on minority workers

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus have written to the US Acting Secretary of Labor expressing concerns over the disproportionate impact tech layoffs could have on Black workers,

Why layoffs happen in December, and how to handle them compassionately

With a compassionate approach, companies can ensure that they help their employees find new beginnings rather than just marking an end.

Spotify’s layoffs make sense when you consider its margins and market

Spotify is simply tinkering with its economics so that it is more attractive to investors. That means it needs to pay fewer salaries.

Tech layoffs are all but a thing of the past

Provided that tech stocks don't drop by a surprise 10%, I suspect that we're entering a period in which tech companies once again grow their headcounts

A comprehensive list of 2023 tech layoffs

Last year’s techwide reckoning continues. In 2023, layoffs have yet again cost tens of thousands of tech workers their jobs; this time, the workforce reductions have been driven by the biggest names

SecureWorks layoffs affect 15% staff

SecureWorks said Monday it will let go of 15% of its workforce, the cybersecurity company’s second round of layoffs this year. In a regulatory filing, SecureWorks said that it would incur about

Astra lays off 25% of workforce, reallocates engineers, in an effort to fight dwindling cash reserves

Astra has laid off 25% of its workforce since the beginning of the quarter and is reallocating at least 50 engineers and manufacturing staff away from its launch business to focus on spacecraft produc

We’re in the pruning phase of tech layoffs

Now in summer in this part of the world, are we running low of things to talk about? Not in the slightest.

The era of tech layoffs is evolving in an interesting way

The era of tech layoffs is not yet past, but it is losing some of its intensity and changing into a unique trend.
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