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What’s behind the fresh round of tech layoffs?

But let’s not forget as we dig into the reasons why we are seeing a new wave of tech layoffs that this is more than an academic exploration.

The tech jobs market is as strong as it ever was

It may feel like the tech jobs market is in the doldrums, but the data suggests that it could be much more robust than you think.

Laid off from your crypto job? Here’s what founders are looking for in new talent

Layoffs continue to spread across the crypto job market, but there are still plenty of startups looking to hire new candidates.

As the economy reopens, startups are uniquely positioned to recruit talent

We are amidst a sprawling renegotiation between employers and employees as to the very nature of work, and no one has more leverage than skilled technologists, many of whom feel unmoored.

Help wanted: Autonomous robot guide

COVID-19 knocked the wheels off the economy, but one nascent tech job not only kept rolling, it picked up speed. Teleoperations — or more specifically, teleops for autonomous delivery robots — is

These tech jobs can earn you the most money

In order to best negotiate your salary, being equipped with the knowledge of what other people are making can be immensely helpful. Generally speaking, you’re going to earn more money working at

Tech is divergent

Tech is divergent, not convergent. Tech is still growing increasingly concentrated in a few prospering metropolitan areas while the rest of the country drifts. It doesn’t have to be that way. Maybe