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Lithuania’s capital Vilnius to get ‘Europe’s largest tech campus,’ costing €100M

Lithuania is vying to become one of the major European tech hubs, bolstered by a growing number of so-called “unicorn” startups and governmental efforts to attract a high-profile accelerat

Equity transcribed: Investing elsewhere with Revolution’s Clara Sieg

Welcome back to the transcribed edition of the popular podcast Equity. Kate Clark had the hosting reins this week and welcomed Revolution’s Clara Sieg to the studio. They discussed the trend of

Tech is divergent

Tech is divergent, not convergent. Tech is still growing increasingly concentrated in a few prospering metropolitan areas while the rest of the country drifts. It doesn’t have to be that way. Maybe

Incubating innovation

Stanford University is regularly credited for playing a key role in the economic and technological success story that is Silicon Valley. So what should universities elsewhere be doing to emulate that