• The Droid receives the obligatory teardown treatment

    Did the HTC HD2 teardown from this morning leave you wanting more? Here’s the Droid splayed out for the whole word to see. Read More

  • Open ye 27-inch iMacs while ye may

    iFixit has torn up the new iMac to reveal the delicate inner workings of both the machine and its attendant Magic Mouse. Obviously the biggest issue here is removing the massive piece of glass on the front, a process that requires a spunger, suction cups, and a sense that life is futile and electronics should be destroyed on camera for the edification of an audience. Read More

  • New unibody MacBook gets tore up

    Imagine if it were your job to race to the Apple store whenever anything came out, and then as soon as you step outside, to just hurl it against the wall and take pictures of the fragments. Well, that’s pretty much iFixit in a nutshell. Sure, they use screwdrivers and stuff, and take it apart all neat-like, and have nice cuticles, but basically they’re exploding the latest and… Read More

  • iFixit shows the inner workings of a Nikon Coolpix S1000pj camera

    I could care less about iPod teardowns. I mean, who the hell cares anymore. It’s an iPod. But I looked at nearly every picture of iFixit’s teardown of the Nikon Coolpix S1000pj. After all, this little pocket camera sports a front-facing projector. Of course I wanna see the little gnomes that make the magic happen. Video teardown after the jump. Read More

  • Of course the Zune HD has been torn apart and photographed

    It’s a tradition around these parts to photograph a dissected gadget. This time around it’s the new Zune HD which looks just as good on the inside as it does on the outside. Hit up anythingbutipod for the complete gallery of the teardown. Read More

  • PS3 Slim actually disassembled before your eyes

    Well, they got off to a good start, but Rapid Repair has been passed up by iFixit in the race to tear an unsuspecting PS3 Slim to pieces. What’s in there? Well, apparently, the whole thing is taken up by an enormous fan and the Blu-ray drive. Where’s the PS3?! Under the fan, I suppose. Check out the whole process here. Read More

  • iFixit breaks down… a Starbucks Barista espresso machine

    I bet you thought iFixit only tore apart Apple products and high-profile electronics. Not so! The Starbucks Barista is in fact not a barista but a machine that makes espresso. You could argue that’s what real baristas are as well, but we can talk about that another time. The Barista espresso machine is a good representative of the home-espresso machine world, and it isn’t some… Read More

  • The iPhone 3G S splayed out on the operating table

    Happy iPhone 3G S Day! We’ve got the tear down of the latest iPhone here so you don’t have to spend all day sitting and staring at your new phone, wondering how it ticks. Oh, and there is a small, and geeky, surprise hidden within the iPhone 3G S that might reveal upcoming features. Read More

  • iFixit helps others void warranties with Gear Teardown

    Kyle at the great site iFixIt.com has just opened a new service dedicated to the collection and curation of user-generated content called Gear Teardown. The service, sort of like a how-to site for crazy people, allows folks to document each step in the process of tearing down, and hopefully putting back together, their gadgets. For example, this teardown of the Moto Krave shows six steps… Read More

  • Dell Adamo stripped naked, gutted

    Again with the tearing apart! Those crazy people at iFixit are doing it again: this time they took a Dell Adamo and tore it apart in the name of discovery. As with most laptops, it’s quite impressive how much technology the creators were able to jam into that little case. Unfortunately, as we already knew, the battery doesn’t appear to be replaceable by the casual user. Read More

  • 3G iPhone is still profitable at $199

    When people first saw the price of the new iPhone they thought, “Wow, how can Apple do that”? Well, ISuppli estimates the new iPhone will be cheaper to manufacture then the first one (I knew that had to be it). The original iPhone had an estimated manufacturing cost of $265, but since component prices went down the new iPhone cost about $173 to make. Also, Apple will still get… Read More

  • An Eee 1000H broken down and laid bare

    Tweaktown has (in an inexplicably explicitly-worded article) taken apart one of the new, black Eee PCs and checked out all its bits and bytes. To be honest, there’s not much in the way of surprises. It’s mostly common OEM hardware, the expected Atom processor, and the normal layout for webcam, microphone, and all that. What’s nice though is that because the RAM and HDD are… Read More