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Asana launches Workload to help prevent burnout

Asana, the work management platform led by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, today launched Workload, a new feature for its paying users that aims to help prevent burnout. It does so by making it

Google Glass Easter Egg Introduces You To The Entire Team In A Panoramic Image Controlled By Your Head’s Movement

As more developers are receiving their pair of Google Glass, the tinkering with the device is heating up. One developer found a very interesting easter egg within Glass itself, which introduces you to

Workplace Collaboration Service Convo Releases Updated iOS App With Redesigned News Feed And Comment System

There are very few platforms that have something that you use on a daily basis, let alone on a minute-by-minute basis. Team communication platform service, Convo, is one of those for us at TechCrunch.