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  • Americans Elect Shoots The Moon (And Misses)

    Americans Elect Shoots The Moon (And Misses)

    I want to talk about American politics. No, wait, don’t go! Don’t worry; it’s OK; I’m Canadian. Your nation’s psychotic death spiral of irrational blood vendettas, vampire-squid kleptocrats, and cargo-cult magical thinking means nothing to me. (Other than its undeniable entertainment value.) Yes, I mean both of your political parties. It’s so bizarre that… Read More

  • The Tea Party Hates Net Neutrality Because It's An 'Affront' To Free Speech. Umm…

    The Tea Party, the “American socio-political movement that emerged in 2009 through a series of locally and nationally coordinated protests,” and known for its colorful protest signs (as seen here), hates Net Neutrality. Why does the Tea Party hate Net Neutrality? “I think the clearest thing is it’s an affront to free speech and free markets.” Thus spoke Jaime… Read More

  • Let's spend our tax rebates on high-tech junk we don't need!

    Once again it’s Tax Day here in the United States of America. (Unless, of course, you’re with the Anti-Tax Tea Party brigade. Have fun you guys, and don’t do what the French are doing in this picture. Violence only begets violence!) This is the part where we ask you if you intend to spend your tax rebate, provided you get one, on any “cool” tech. A monitor? A… Read More

  • Let's have a tea party: Taxes make up one-third of New Yorkers' cellphone bill

    Tea party! Yes, in the spirit of all those completely artificial tea parties that have been annoying Tweeple from Maine to Hawaii, the New York Post wants to let its readership know that New York State has the fourth highest cellphone taxes in the country. Fourth! That’s almost high enough to give a damn. Read More