• Mike Doughty and the Book of Drugs

    TCTV Interview: Mike Doughty, Author, Singer, Songwriter On The Future Of The Music Business

    I had the distinct pleasure of bringing Mike Doughty, songwriter and author, into the TCTV studio to talk about his new book, The Book Of Drugs, his new album, Yes & Also Yes, and how the music business has changed during his long and tumultuous career. Read More

  • Nest Labs Thermostat at CES 2012

    TC/Gadgets: An Interview With Nest Co-Founder Matt Rogers

    The hottest and coolest thermostat on the market this year was clearly the Nest. This intelligent hunk of steel looks great on a wall and, more important, helps save energy in the home. The Nest learns as you use it, ensuring your home is comfortable year-round. Read More

  • Fly or Die LeapPad Tablet Review

    Fly Or Die: The Leapfrog LeapPad

    Erick and I are both parents so we know from tablets. The $99 LeapPad from Leapfrog is cool, to be sure, and fun if junior’s aunt or uncle is picking it up, but we both found it lacking, especially when compared to other devices. Obviously if you don’t want the wee ones slobbering all over your iPad, this is a huge winner. Otherwise, the lack of apps, especially for geeks like us… Read More

  • Dr. Devra Davis on Cellphone Microwave Radiation

    Keen On… How Your Cell Phone Might Be Killing You (TCTV)

    Yes, we’ve heard it before: cell phones, they say, give us cancer. But this time, the message is from a noted medical researcher and this time it’s a message that is supported by a number of governments including Finland, Israel, France and even Canada. Dr. Devra Davis is the author of Disconnect: the Truth about Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How… Read More

  • Beijing’s Garage Café: Coffee and an Open Office for Startups (TCTV)

    Beijing’s Garage Café: Coffee and an Open Office for Startups (TCTV)

    Before we kicked off Disrupt Beijing, the TechCrunchTV team had just enough time to venture out into the city to begin exploring the local startup scene. One of our stops: The Garage Café, a coffee shop where startup companies go to work on their projects. For the price of a cup of coffee (a little over 3 US dollars), teams can set up office for the day and have access to a library of… Read More

  • TechCrunch Gadgets Webcast: Kindle Fire

    TCTV: The TechCrunch Gadgets Webcast

    Welcome to another exciting episode of the TechCrunch Gadgets Webcast. This week we talk about the Kindle Fire, the Nook Tablet, the Nexus, and SOPA. Plus, we have a special surprise for all those who prefer sound to moving pictures. Read More

  • Fly or Die Striiv Pedometer Review

    Fly Or Die: The Striiv Fitness Device

    What are your goals? To walk the length of the Golden Gate bridge? To run a 5K? To plant a tree in a magical forest? The Striiv lets you do all of those things and more. This wee device is a fairly basic pedometer that measures your steps as well as flights of stairs taken during the day. However, there’s a bonus – it has a nice, bright LCD touchscreen to display your current steps… Read More

  • TC Cribs Tours Baidu Offices

    TC Cribs: Hunting “Evil” at Baidu (TCTV)

    Baidu is one of the most known of the Chinese Internet giants. Some of the buzz is admiration for Robin Li, one of the pioneers of the Chinese Web scene who built a global giant that succeeded in a political environment where Google cried “uncle.” Others have painted Baidu as the mirror image of Google’s lofty “do no evil” credo. So on our recent trip to Beijing… Read More

  • LM1 Watch Review

    Hands On With The MB&F LM1: The Coolest Watch You’ll See Today

    I got to sit down with Steve Hallock, the North American president of MB&F and driving force behind the Swiss watch brand’s western expansion. The watch he brought for us is the LM1 aka the Legacy Machine #1, a new piece we wrote about earlier last month and that is just now shipping to oligarchs and captains of industry around the world. Read More

  • Hands on with the Nook Touch With 1.1 Firmware

    A Look At The New Nook Software

    According to Barnes & Noble, the Nook Touch 1.1 update should improve your reading life by allowing for nearly a month of battery life and faster page turns. Although we haven’t tested the battery claims, I did get the chance to put them side by side to see what these time savings really looked like. Read More

  • Hands on with the Nook Tablet

    Hands On With The Nook Tablet

    We’ve grabbed some footage of the Nook Tablet in the flesh and it was interesting to see how responsive and speedy the device was, especially when compared to the Nook Color. This is a full multimedia tablet with plenty of power for video and rich content and everything sped by without much lag or stuttering. Read More