• The Almost Hopeless Challenge Of Web Security

    Today we are trusting the web with our most personal and important data, from private photos and social graphs to finances and key work documents. Our hesitation to share such information has dropped over the years as our trust in our favorite services grows. Yet all the while, the web is actually growing less secure, as sites are left open to new attacks that can spread easily and leave… Read More

  • “The Cloud Is The New Dotcom” (Video Highlights)

    On Friday, during our cloud computing event, Whose Cloud Is It Anyway?, Charles River Ventures partner George Zachary noted, “The cloud is the new dotcom.” He was one of the judges for the demo startups, and for good or for bad, he might be right. Cloud computing as a term is broad enough to encompass most internet startups and already is in danger of being latched onto as the… Read More

  • 1.5 Million Users at Australian Schools Drop Exchange for Gmail

    The Australian is reporting that Google has beaten out a number of enterprise competitors to win a contract to host email for the New South Wales Education Department. The new deployment will be the largest Gmail custom setup in the world, and will be co-managed by Google and Telco provider Telstra. The contract win is another strong signal that Google are making strong inroads into the… Read More

  • Google And Salesforce Cooking Up Something New Together

    Google and Salesforce can’t seem to get enough of each other: over a series of announcements the companies have aligned their product strategies more and more closely over time. Now the companies are planning something new together, to be announced by Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and Google VP Engineering Vic Gundotra at Salesforce’s upcoming Tour de Force developer event on June 23… Read More

  • The New Platform War: Google Driving For Adobe and Microsoft with Gears

    Google launched Gears last May, and for the first year of its release it was considered a minor, niche product that a few developers and users may take advantage of to allow offline access to web applications. But what is less apparent is that with Gears, Google is aiming to develop a next-generation web API and platform independant of both Microsoft and Silverlight. <p… Read More

  • The Mouse That Roared

    Our visit the other day to the GooglePlex was extraordinary on a number of levels. At its simplest, the Gmail group opened its kimono to bloggers and what’s left of the mainstream media – full stop. We were asked not to live video the announcements of Gmail Labs, and to clear photographs with the team in case we accidentally revealed some strategic details. by Steve… Read More