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Safety remains the paramount metric for autonomous vehicle deployment, yet there has to be industry consensus on how to adequately measure a robotic or human driver’s safety.

Will 2024 (finally) be the year of the autonomous vehicle?

Instead of forcing a technology onto a product, the design process flows to the technologies. In this way, the technology becomes a natural solution.

A provocative role for technologists in product innovation

Huge technological developments have continued, with new sectors developing space solutions to help tackle some of humanity’s greatest problems on Earth.

Space tech forecast for 2024: Rising investments, lunar exploration, and pivotal SpaceX moments

Women’s health, as it has existed for the past 200 years, is dead. One hammer for all of our problems will no longer suffice.

Startups and physicians must unite to empower women’s health

There is a wealth of information on the internet about fundraising for startups, but the existing playbooks need to be updated for women.

To find success as a woman founder, embrace your scrappy side

According to the SBA, veterans are roughly 45% more likely to form their own business compared to people who haven’t served in the military.

Veteran to visionary: What I learned in the Marines about being a fintech founder

Veterans already possess many of the skills and attributes needed to be a successful entrepreneur — including having courage.

How to leverage military experience to become a successful entrepreneur

AI robotics’ ‘GPT moment’ is near

6:35 am PST • November 10, 2023

Building AI-powered robots that can learn how to interact with the physical world will enhance all forms of repetitive work

AI robotics’ ‘GPT moment’ is near