Daimler close to buying Taxibeat in Greece for around $43M

Automakers are continuing to ramp up┬átheir holdings in the world of on-demand transportation services, and in the latest development, Germany’s Daimler is closing in on a deal to acquire Taxibe

Taxibeat Raises $4M From Hummingbird To Scale Its ‘Marketplace’ Taxi App

<a target="_blank" href="">Taxibeat</a>, an iOS and Android taxi app with an innovative approach to hailing a cab (which works particularly well in emerging markets), has secured a

Taxibeat Raises $2M And Rides Into Mexico To Start The Meter On Rocket Internet’s Easy Taxi

<a target="_blank" href="">Taxibeat</a>, the hail-a-cab smartphone app and taxi driver marketplace, has raised an additional $2 million, adding to the approximately $1.4 million ra

Taxibeat Launches Its Taxi Driver Marketplace And Smartphone App In Paris Just In Time For LeWeb

What is it about taxi startups <a href="">launching</a> in time for LeWeb? Then again, you can't beat a ca