IRS payment site crashes on tax day

Twitter’s brief morning outage was stressful enough — but those who’ve waited until the last possible moment to pay their tax bills have a much more distressing site crash to worry about: The In

European Union plans to tax tech giants on local revenue

After months of speculations, France’s economy minister Bruno Le Maire announced in an interview with the JDD that Europe’s new tax model for tech giants is happening. The plan will be unveiled in

Acorns, the financial management service for everyone else, adds 3 million users

Acorns, the financial management service focused on getting low- and middle-income households to invest and save responsibly, has reached 3 million users in the United States. The company has roughly

CoinTracker will keep track of your crypto as you transfer it between wallets and exchanges

It’s no secret that the cryptocurrency market cap has grown faster than the broader crypto industry. This means that the options for tools to help hold, track and manage your cryptocurrency are

Facebook expands ‘Community Boost’ digital skills training program to Europe

Facebook has announced it's expanding a free training program that teaches Internet-skills, media literacy and online safety to Europe. It says its "ambition" is to train 300,000 people across six EU

The rich can breathe a sigh of relief

After weeks of back-and-forth negotiations between Republicans who represent rich people and Republicans who represent other rich people, Congress is in the final process of voting on a tax bill that

Europe hits Ireland over $15B in unpaid Apple taxes; Luxembourg liable for $294M in Amazon taxes

The European Commission under Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager definitely means business. Today it issued not one but two notices related to ongoing investigations of tech giants Apple an

Tax on Internet ads among Europe’s proposals to plug digital tax gap

Europe's executive body has revealed more of its thinking on reforming digital taxation rules, issuing details of proposals it's considering ahead of another meeting of EU ministers next week.

Europe says ‘all options on table’ for taxing tech giants

The European Commission is preparing a list of legal options on how to make digital multinationals such as Amazon, Facebook and Google pay more tax, Reuters reports. 

France, Germany, Spain, Italy call for turnover tax for tech giants

Several of the European Union's major economies are calling for tax reform across the bloc that responds to where tech platforms generate revenue, not just where they book profit -- arguing that the c

H&R Block is now using IBM Watson to find tax deductions

Getting your taxes done is miserable. It’s complicated, time-consuming and costly — particularly for people whose financial situation requires them to seek help from tax professionals. The pr

The outlook for Bay Area startup space in 2017

One of my favorite things to do is riff on Bay Area real estate and tech  --  of all kinds, residential, commercial, retail ... and Justin Bedecarre has been working with San Francisco founders

Finally, legislation to support startups

Bobby Franklin Contributor Bobby Franklin is the president and chief executive of the National Venture Capital Association and previously served as an executive vice president for the CTIA – The Wir

Tax compliance software company Avalara raises $96 million

Death and taxes may be the only two certainties in life (according to Ben Franklin), but tax compliance software provider Avalara has raised $96 million with a pitch to make one a lot less painful. T

Apple CEO Tim Cook: $14.5 billion EU tax bill has ‘no basis in fact or in law’

Tim Cook has rejected the EU's demand for Apple to return $14.5 billion in 'unpaid' taxes in Ireland as having "no basis in fact or law."

India’s ClearTax raises $12M to expand into new financial services

ClearTax, which helps Indians file their tax returns online with minimum stress, is on a roll this year. The Bengaluru-based company, which graduated Y Combinator two years ago, announced a $12 millio

French financial prosecutor went dark for a year to investigate Google France

Google was caught by surprise. Last week, nearly 100 of France’s equivalent of the IRS (Direction générale des Finances) <a href="

Google office in Paris is being raided for tax noncompliance, reports say

This story has been going on <a href="">for years</a>, but it looks like France’s equ

Google Is Preparing To Pay A Huge Fine For Tax Noncompliance In France

France’s equivalent of the IRS (Direction générale des finances) has been investigating Google for tax noncompliance. With only €138 million of revenue reported in France in 2011, something wasn

Change In UK Tax Law Could Raise The Price Of Music And Apps In The Country

A change in UK tax law that may take force at the start of 2015 would push the price of apps, music and other downloads and “e-services” higher in the United Kingdom. The legal shift would
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