tax credits

New guidance from the US Treasury could unleash billions in renewable energy investment

The changes would allow a broader swath of companies, including many startups, to participate in renewable energy development.

What US startup founders need to know about the R&D tax credit

The Research and Development (R&D) tax credit lets businesses deduct R&D expenses up to $250,000 per year from payroll tax, or an unlimited amount against income tax if your startup qualifies.

Neo.Tax raises $10M to help startups access R&D tax credits

For most people, mention of the word “taxes” conjures up unpleasant things like tedious processes, mountains of paperwork and shelling out a lot of money to the government. But one startup is on a

R&D tax credits are due July 15. wants to help startups apply and raised $3M to do it

All founders love “free” money, but with the pandemic going on, the necessity of free money has taken on a whole new meaning this year. First, there was the scramble to secure PPP loans a few week

Bailout package contains tax credits for Chevy Volt buyers

The Chevy Volt, Detroit’s answer to the Toyota Prius, just became a lot more advantageous, tax-wise. That is, of course, provided you can afford the $40,000 price in the first place. Tucked in t