• Phone Radiation Measurement App Maker Tawkon Raises $1.5 Million

    Phone Radiation Measurement App Maker Tawkon Raises $1.5 Million

    Tawkon, an Israeli startup that offers mobile apps capable of measuring cellular radiation, has secured seed funding to the tune of $1.5 million. The capital injection comes from thetime, an investment company owned by Ilan Shiloah, chairman of McCann Erickson Israel and Nir Tarlovsky, and from Tzvika Barinboim. Other backers include management consulting company TASC, Don Perrin (one of… Read More

  • Steve Jobs To Tawkon: "No Interest" In Your Phone Radiation Measurement App

    Steve Jobs To Tawkon: "No Interest" In Your Phone Radiation Measurement App

    I see you driving ’round town with an app that measures cellular radiation, and I’m like, “no interest”. Apple head honcho Steve Jobs has made it abundantly clear that Tawkon‘s phone radiation measurement application is not welcome on its official App Store, pushing the startup to make it available for free (for jailbroken iPhones) through Cydia instead. Tawkon sent… Read More

  • Tawkon Debuts Limited Edition Of Cellphone Radiation App For Nexus S

    When you buy a new smartphone, is the first thing you look at what the specific absorption rate (SAR) is of the device you’re interesting in spending cash on? Me neither, but according to some health organizations, we should be paying attention to mobile phone radiation. Rather than try and convince people to stop using their smartphones for phone calls (ain’t gonna happen)… Read More

  • Tawkon Debuts Free Cellular Radiation App for Android [Disrupt Startup Alley]

    Tawkon, one of my favorite Israeli startups of the past year, was in San Francisco at the Disrupt Alley last week to debut the release of its cellular radiation measurement app for Android. This follows the company’s $9.99 Blackberry version, and its unsuccessful bid to push the same app through the iPhone App Store. If you haven’t followed our coverage of the company, Tawkon… Read More

  • 100% Proof From Tawkon: Death Grip Impacts iPhone 4, BlackBerry Bold & Nexus One (Video)

    100% Proof From Tawkon: Death Grip Impacts iPhone 4, BlackBerry Bold & Nexus One (Video)

    Remember how back during the Antennagate press conference, Steve Jobs explained that all smartphones have an Achilles Heel known as their antenna? Oh sure, we all rolled our eyes and then oohed and aahed when we learned we’d get bumpers. Well guess what… Jobs was right. Again. And now, courtesy of Tawkon we’ve got the proof. A video produced by Tawkon clearly demonstrates… Read More

  • Tawkon Releases BlackBerry Radiation App, Visits Apple To Discuss Rejection

    Tawkon, whose cellular radiation measurement iPhone app was initially rejected by Apple, is today announcing availability of an app with identical functionality for BlackBerry. TechCrunch’s initial review of Tawkon created a wave of interest for the iPhone app, along with additional frustration at Apple’s rejection of it. It seems this did not go unnoticed by the good folks at… Read More

  • Tawkon Measures The Radiation Spewing From Your iPhone. No Wonder Apple Doesn't Approve It.

    Here we go again . . . Apple App Store Fail No. 5102928. A few weeks ago stealth Israeli startup Tawkon gave me a sneak-peak developer build of what I believe is the most important app on my iPhone. What does it do? It analyzes the cellular radiation your iPhone emits at any given moment, at any given location, whether in standby mode, or within a call. Sounds like science fiction, right? Read More