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German 3D Indoor Mapping And Navigation Startup NavVis Locates €7.5M Funding

Munich-based 3D indoor mapping and navigation startup <a target="_blank" href="">NavVis</a> has raised a €7.5 million Series B round of funding as it readies the launch of its

Tado Scores Further $17.1M As Smart Thermostat Market Heats Up

The smart thermostat market continues to heat up, not least in Europe where Munich-headquartered Tado is aiming to become the leader. The German company, which counts Google-owned <a href="https://bet

Adsquare Locates $4.3M Funding To Serve Ads Based On Location And Context Without Being Too Creepy

Adsquare is an interesting proposition, considering it trades in location data without relying on the use of cookies and in a way it claims complies with strict European data protection laws.

Tado, The Smart Climate Control Startup, Raises Further €10M For European Expansion

<a target="_blank" href="">Tado</a>, a European competitor to Google-owned <a href="">N

Smart Thermostat Market Heating Up As Tado Raises $2.6M For Its European Nest

With <a href="">Nest</a>, the smart thermostat startup founded by ex-Apple iPod chief Tony Fadell, seemingly <a href="