Tapstack App is a Snapchat for Grown-Ups, boosting long distance friendship

Back in 2013 I came across an intriguing startup in Berlin which had a genuinely original take on social networking (hard, even then). Sharing your mood intimately with someone had been confined large

Taptalk CEO Onno Faber Discusses What It’s Like To Be Cloned By Facebook

What do you do when Facebook clones your app? That's a situation that Onno Faber, the founder of buzzy messaging app Taptalk, ran into when Facebook released Slingshot, its second effort at an ephe

Instagram Launches One-Touch Photo And Video Messaging App Bolt Outside The US

Instagram is taking on Snapchat by turning your best friends’ faces into the shutter button with today’s official release of its first standalone app Bolt, but only Singapore, South Africa

Taptalk Taps Phone Contacts To Add Friends, And A New Game Emerges

One of the issues I’ve been grappling with with the Taptalk social photos and location app, is that although it’s super simple and addictive — way more so that Snapchat I’d say — adding frie

Ashton Kutcher Touts Taptalk To His 16M Twitter Followers

Actor and investor Ashton Kutcher has endorsed photo and video messaging app Taptalk to his 16 million-plus Twitter followers, telling them it "just secured homepage real estate on my phone." It’s n

Investors Circle Taptalk After Facebook Clone Rumors

Facebook was recently reported to be working on a new “ephemeral messaging” app similar to Snapchat, allowing users to send short video messages very easily. Dubbed Slingshot, the app is u