• "The Raider": British Combat Vehicle Design Based On Batmobile

    British defense company BAE Systems recently unveiled a concept vehicle whose design it says was inspired by the Batmobile (The Tumbler) from “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight”. The world’s second largest defense company is thinking about using the so-called “The Raider” design for “a small, highly agile autonomous reconnaissance and… Read More

  • DIY RC Nerf Tank

    When RC Nerf Tanks are outlawed, only outlaws will have RC Nerf Tanks. This DIY project uses an automatic Nerf gun (the Stampede would probably work) and an RC tank to unleash the hurt on unsuspecting cubicle-mates. Read More

  • Video: Ultimate auto accessory turns your car into a tank

    Morning commute got you down? Evening commute got you even down-er? Perhaps you could get your hands on this Russian-made tank apparatus. It turns your SUV into a tank. From the looks of it, you drive your rig up onto the tank tread platform, remove your tires, and hook everything into the tank treads. Something like that. I don’t speak Russian, so for all I know this video could be… Read More

  • The sound of the funky drumming tank

    http://technology.todaysbigthing.com/betamax/betamax.swf?item_id=1911&fullscreen=1 See more funny videos and Technology Videos at Today’s Big Thing. This wee fellow wanders around until it finds something that looks like it can be used as a drum surface – a vase, a box, or whatever – and then rolls up to it and taps out a jaunty tune. Read More

  • How-to: Hassle your girlfriend with a Nerf robot

    This project, designed to piss off the creator’s girlfriend, is a tank with a Nerf gun, speakers, and remote controlled base. The resulting tank is pretty cool although the goal – to terrorize a woman who would live with a guy who would build such a magical thing – is a bit odd. Maybe he wants to be alone? Maybe he can reverse the suction on the Nerf gun. Read More

  • RCTiger.com: Real-time web-based tank warfare

    We received an email today telling us about RCTiger.com, a German website that lets you move little remote control tanks around a simulated battlefield. While I was quite skeptical at first, once I started the game I was taken aback at the fun I had running little Tiger tanks over miniature trees. The system isn’t quite foolproof. The game runs from 10pm until midnight Munich time and… Read More

  • Quarter-scale RC tank can pull a car behind it

    Looking for a last-minute gift idea? Here’s a full-working 1/4-sized tank “powered by two, 500 watt 24 volt motors which are so powerful that it can pull a car on a level surface,” according to the Sun. The tank is a six-foot long replica of a German King Tiger, with “a fully working turret and a 2ft long gun with realistic recoil action.” Wow. While you… Read More

  • Rubber tracks for military vechicles

    One of  the weak points of tracked military vechicles are the metal plates. They need to be repaired after every 250 miles while constantly shaking soldiers inside the vechicle. This is about to change for rubber tracks are more durable and convenient while allowing the tanks to use less fuel. According to Treehugger, fuel consumption could be improved by 1/3 by using rubber tracks on MPG… Read More

  • Remote control tankbot! The Robocalypse marches on

    http://foxnews1.a.mms.mavenapps.net/mms/rt/1/site/foxnews1-foxnews-pub01-live/current/videolandingpage/fncLargePlayer/client/embedded/embedded.swf It won’t be long before the cursed machines turn on us. Already they vacuum our rooms and play our games, can there be any doubt that machines like this automated all-terrain Ripsaw tank will soon grow desirous for the blood of their… Read More

  • Storm Chasing: A look inside the TIV-2

    Jalopnik has a pretty extensive photo gallery of the second-generation Tornado Intercept Vehicle (TIV) from Discovery’s Storm Chasers series. For the uninitiated, the tank-like TIV is able to drive into the middle of tornados, allowing owner Sean Casey to film from the inside out in high definition. If you haven’t seen the show, check it out. The TIV2 weighs a staggering nine tons… Read More

  • Video: Student builds badass diesel powered 1/2-scale tank that shoots cans of Red Bull

    What do you do when you’re an engineering student and the frat kids won’t leave you alone? What if you want to be a long-distance party animal? You build a 1/2-scale Panzer tank that shoots cans of Red Bull, that’s what. Read More

  • Badonkadonk Tank: Yours for Only $20K

    Thank God for Digg. Sure, some of its users are noisy, know-nothing nerds, but without it, how would we ever discover gems like this? It’s a land cruiser tank of some sort under the name JL421 Badonkadonk. Yes, Badonkadonk. Its top speed is 40 mph and appears to actually be available for purchase for the reasonable price of $20,000. You’d have to be making Jobs-level money to… Read More