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Tango Card raises $35M for its ‘rewards as a service’ gift card aggregation platform

Gift cards today are a $100 billion business annually, and as they continue to grow as a key way for companies to incentivise people in our too-often unengaged digital world, a startup that is helping

Tango Card And Snapcard Partner To Bring Bitcoin To Rewards Programs

People can now add loyalty rewards programs to the way they can acquire bitcoin thanks to a new partnership between the online rewards system Tango Card and the bitcoin wallet Snapcard. Traditional

Rewards To The Beat Of A Different Drum: Tango Card Gets $1.8M From Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, WTI

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.tangocard.com">Tango Card</a>, the Seattle startup looking to disrupt the burgeoning loyalty/gift card space by acting as a low-cost aggregator and innovator on del

Tango Card Aims To Make Gift Card Giving A More Personal Experience

While gift cards are certainly a useful and practical gift, the act of giving a gift certificate to a store can be construed as impersonal. One startup is trying to change this. <a href="http://www.ta