Tales of CES

Tales Of CES: How Many Selfie Sticks Are Too Many?

CES is in full swing — the doors of the show officially opened this morning, tens of thousands of people took over the show floor, going from one stand to another. The Las Vegas Convention Cente

Tales Of CES: We Were Promised Flying Cars, We Got Washing Machines Instead

My first CES started a little bit more than 24 hours ago for me. As I wrote yesterday, I want to share my impressions of the show. I’ve been following CES for years, but seeing it in person is a

Tales Of CES: Everybody Tells Me CES Is A Mess

Next week will be my first CES. Over the past couple of months, when I talked with CES veterans, they all told me that CES is a horrible experience. And yet, I am still incredibly excited. I plan to t