Samsung Reportedly Approached BlackBerry With A Takeover Bid (Update: BlackBerry Denies)

Update: BlackBerry has responded with an official denial of takeover talks, while somewhat paradoxically also claiming it doesn’t comment on rumors or speculation. Full statement below: BlackBer

Deutsche Telekom eyeing Sprint, wants T-Mobile to be #1 in the US

This isn’t the first I’ve heard about T-Mobile’s parent company Deutsche Telekom possibly looking to acquire Sprint and I still don’t see it happening, but stranger things have happened. Sprin

EA amends offer for Take-Two

Image ganked from Kotaku. EA has extended their offer to May 16, but they’ve dropped their offer to $25.74 per share. That’s it for now.

Take-Two shareholders might be considering EA offer

Rather than delving into all the financial aspects the WSJ article has on the current state of EA’s potential takeover of Take-Two, I’ll paraphrase and dish out what’s important. Take-Two curren

Microsoft willing to get hostile with its Yahoo! takeover

I love how other, unnamed blogs characterize Microsoft’s threat to pursue a hostile takeover of Yahoo! as “mean” or “oh man, they’re playing hardball now, watch out!&#822

CrunchArcade: EA relentlessly pursuing Take-Two, amends offer

EA is absolutely going apesh*t over Take-Two. In retaliation over Take-Two’s public rejection of EA, the software giant from Redwood Shores is fighting back. This whole scenario reminds me of yo

Vodafone Denies Verizon Takeover Rumors

Early this morning, news of Vodafone’s interest in Verizon Communications started to percolate. Now Vodafone is denying that it’s interested in a $160 billion takeover of the company, whic