• Remote-controlled flying cockroach is fun for some, nightmare for others

    In case you thought the cockroach key chain holder I wrote about earlier this year was disgusting, think again. Because today I give you a remote-controlled flying plastic cockroach [JP]. Just like the keychain holder, the thing is the brainchild of a twisted Japanese mind but available also for all people outside Japan. Read More

  • Coming soon: Voice-controlled toy helicopters

    Tokyo-based Taiyo Corp. [JP] yesterday announced they will start selling a toy helicopter that responds to voice commands in March (price in Nippon: $60). This date is confirmed for Japan only but Taiyo said Asia, North America and Europe will also get the toy. It will respond to commands given in both Japanese and English. Read More

  • Japanese company sells "intelligent" toy helicopter

    http://blip.tv/play/ih_M4DaJ5FQ Tokyo-based Taiyo Corp. [JP] is selling a new wireless toy helicopter for indoor use that can be used even in very small rooms. The beginner-friendly, so-called Micro Master HG3, features special sensors that prevent the helicopter from crashing into ceilings by descending automatically right before it would happen. Taiyo claims its the first company in the… Read More