• Tailrank Finally Slides Into The Deadpool, But The Platform Behind It Lives On

    In news that should come as a surprise to no one, troubled news aggregation site Tailrank is officially headed to the Deadpool, as its parent company looks to sell off its assets. The company behind the site has decided to cut its losses and to concentrate its efforts on Spinn3r, the platform used to power Tailrank that allows researchers and developers to tap into the service’s volumes… Read More

  • Tailrank 2.5 Launches. It Still Falls Short

    Tailrank founder Kevin Burton notified us that version 2.5 of his news aggregation site has launched, as well as a new version of the engine behind it called Spinn3r. We’ve taken a look at the new site, and in our opinion it still falls short of being a useful application. We’ve been a bit harsh on Tailrank over the last few months, even suggesting that it may be time to deadpool it. Read More

  • Time To DeadPool TailRank? You Decide.

    Three weeks ago we noted that blog news engine TailRank was looking like a ghost town: No new news was showing on the site, and people noted that the Technology section had been a blank for weeks. Founder Kevin Burton was outraged, said our post bordered on “complete journalistic incompetence,” demanded an “apology and a retraction” and promised big news within a… Read More

  • Tailrank Goes Blank, But Nobody Notices

    Tailrank, a news aggregator that competes with TechMeme, has been having trouble keeping up to date with the news lately. For the last few weeks at least the technology section of the site has had no news whatsoever, a complete blank. Sometime yesterday the rest of the site went blank, too. The header and footer were there but there was no news showing at all in any category. I emailed… Read More

  • TailRank Opens Service As A Platform

    TailRank, a popular blog news organizer that competes with TechMeme and Megite, has opened up its back end and will provide the service as a platform to application developers who would like to add a blog index and ranking service. The new service is called Spinn3r and goes live at around noon today. Rumor is it already powers Gnoos, which we covered last June. Spinn3r indexed 1 million blogs. Read More

  • Interesting Timing: TailRank Launches Video Today Too

    TailRank and competitor Megite are fighting for second place behind blog news leader, TechMeme. It’s not surprising that both companies are expanding into ranking popular videos, too. But it’s surprising that both companies launched their products on the same day. We covered Megite earlier, and then received an email from TailRank founder Kevin Burton that they have just launched… Read More

  • TailRank 2.0 Launches To Take On TechMeme

    TailRank added a bunch of new features today in a major relaunch of the service. If you are unfamiliar with TailRank, review this post that also discusses its competitors. The basic idea is that it tracks what blogs are writing about, and who’s linking to what, to determine what the major discussions of the day are about. A quick glance at the site will show the reader major breaking news… Read More

  • The Memeorandum Hunters

    I’ve written about two new real-time news aggregators today, Megite and Newroo. The space is clearly hot, with both funded and unfunded companies rushing to release products. The goal? Leverage all of the great edge blog content out there, figure out what’s hot at any given time by analyzing who’s linking to who (as well as other tools) and presenting that hot content to… Read More

  • Is Megite a Contender?

    Megite has been getting some attention on the Web 2.0 Workgroup email list as possibly the first company to be able to group blogging conversations as well as Memeorandum (profiles). The site is very rough design-wise, but is grouping things intelligently and seems to be popping popular stuff up to the top fairly quickly. Memeorandum has redefined how early adopters get and digest their news. Read More

  • TailRank is Looking Good

    Kevin Burton’s TailRank is making real gains against blog-news innovator Memeorandum, which I wrote about here and here. Memeorandum and TailRank are both trying to aggregate blog and other edge content in near-real time and group content by topics/events. The result is a “newspaper for the blogosphere” that delivers breaking news to readers far ahead of traditional news… Read More

  • TailRank – A Tool for the Long Tail

    TailRank just released an alpha product for their new analytics service. My understanding is that it is a personalized search/recommendation/ranking engine for the long tail of blog content. Kevin Burton (co-founder of Rojo), is TailRank’s founder and writes about the launch on his blog (subscribe to this blog if you haven’t). TailRank is a next-generation weblog ranking system… Read More