Ning CEO Calls Flux And Viacom To The Mat

Silicon Valley based Ning and Los Angeles based Flux are “networks of networks” that allow communities to build feature rich social networks with a few clicks. Ning, which launched in 2005

Viacom And Social Project Launch Broad Decentralized Social Network Called Flux

It turns out the rumors of a Viacom investment and partnership with social network Tagworld were accurate. Viacom invested a reported $40 million in the company for a minority stake (Tagworld was prev

TagWorld Rumors: Viacom Investment and Partnership

TagWorld, the social networking site that launched in late 2005, has been the subject of a lot of speculation lately. Valleywag speculated that the company was in trouble and pointed out that the mana

A Look At Piczo And Its Competitors

San Francisco based Piczo is having a media coming-out party today, with announcements on the current state of the service and key statistics. A few weeks ago CEO Jeremy Verba did the same thing in th

TagWorld Widgets Platform

Los Angeles based TagWorld, a social network with nearly 2 million members that is funded by Draper Fisher Jurvetson, is launching a Flash widget platform on Friday at TagWorldWidgets.com. TagWorld Wi

Tagworld Hits 1 million members, announces $7.5 million from Draper Fisher Jurvetson

Tagworld, the next generation Myspace competitor, is showing that there is plenty of room for growth in the crowded teen/young adult home page market (previous TechCrunch posts on Tagworld are here).

Draper Fisher Jurvetson funds Tagworld

Myspace competitor Tagworld will announce a large Series A financing by Draper Fisher Jurvetson sometime today. Tim Draper and Emily Melton will be joining Tagworld’s board of directors. This co

TagWorld Does Video, Too

Santa Monica-based TagWorld, a MySpace competitor, launched an admirable music product last month. Tomorrow they launch video and an upgraded upload client (the uploader is PC only for now). As an asi

TagWorld Launches Music. The War Begins.

Over the weekend TagWorld, a young, self-funded startup in Santa Monica that’s all of a month old, launched a music product that is turning heads. TagWorld is targeting the MySpace crowd –

A Profile of Tagworld

Santa Monica based Tagworld has been quietly beta testing its product for a few months, and officially opened its doors earlier this week. They now have 75,000 members and are growing by thousands per