• Old-school social networks Tagged and Hi5 bought by MeetMe for $60M

    Old-school social networks Tagged and Hi5 bought by MeetMe for $60M

    Like bizzaro Facebooks, Tagged and Hi5 launched in 2004 to help you meet new people instead of connecting you with friends you already know. Through social games and paid dating features, they earned a surprising amount of revenue despite being relatively unknown. Tagged bought Hi5 in 2011 before branching out into standalone social app development and renamed the parent company If(we). But… Read More

  • Tagged Ditches IPO Plans, Acquires Tinode And Renames Itself If(we)

    Tagged Ditches IPO Plans, Acquires Tinode And Renames Itself If(we)

    Social networking site Tagged is no longer going for an IPO. Instead it’s renamed itself if(we), acquired little known startup messaging app startup Tinode for an undisclosed amount and has completely changed direction to become a social app incubator instead. If(we) is essentially a brand new company, now acting as a parent brand to Tagged and social gaming site Hi5. Read More

  • It’s Official: Digsby, Owned By Social Network Tagged, Is Now Open Source And Living On GitHub

    It’s Official: Digsby, Owned By Social Network Tagged, Is Now Open Source And Living On GitHub

    A new chapter today for Digsby, the social/instant messaging client bought by social network Tagged in April 2011 and effectively put into an idle state soon after. It has now been taken open source, with its code now living on GitHub. The intention to make Digsby open source was first announced in July of this year, but TechCrunch understands that it’s only been in the last day that… Read More

  • Social Network Tagged Raises $15M; Revenue Grew 35 Percent To $43M In 2011

    Social Network Tagged Raises $15M; Revenue Grew 35 Percent To $43M In 2011

    Tagged, a social network for meeting new people, has raised $15 million in growth capital financing from Lighthouse Capital Partners and Comerica Bank. The company previously raised $9 million in funding. Tagged was on an acquisition tear in 2011, buying hi5, Digsby, TopicMarks and WeGame. These acquisitions expanded the network’s reach to over 300 million members in 220 countries. Read More

  • Facebook’s Leftovers? Social Network Tagged Acquires hi5

    Facebook’s Leftovers? Social Network Tagged Acquires hi5

    Social networking service Tagged, Inc. announced it has acquired the social game network hi5 today, doubling Tagged’s monthly active users to 20 million. The combination will also increase the total number of registered users to 330 million, up from 100 million. According to The WSJ’s report, the deal’s terms were not disclosed, but include the hi5 website and user base. Read More

  • Tagged buys Topicmarks to help discover people easier

    The social discovery service, Tagged, has announced an acquisition of Topicmarks, which uses semantic engine to summarize content. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. At the time of the acquisition, Topicmarks was used in over 160 countries, and was especially popular where English is the second language. Now, Topicmarks is expected to help Tagged match people to people and people to… Read More

  • Tagged Buys Popular Social/Instant Messaging Client Digsby

    Tagged, the San Francisco-based social network that is most notable because of its ability to grow profitably during the Facebook era, has closed its first acquisition. dotSyntax, the corporation that created the popular Digsby instant messaging and social client, is now part of Tagged. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but all seven dotSyntax employees will join Tagged. Tagged CEO… Read More

  • Yet Another Senior MySpace Exec Bails: SVP Tish Whitcraft Joins Tagged

    “Tish Whitcraft recently joined MySpace as SVP of Customer Care responsible for delivering a world-class user experience to the 250 million + MySpace users,” the company said in mid 2008 when Whitcraft, a seasoned big company executive, joined the team. Now, three years later Whitcraft joins countless other MySpace execs, and about 190 million of those 250 million users, and… Read More

  • As MySpace Implodes, Tagged Doubles Staff And Gives Everyone A Raise

    I recently over heard someone saying of MySpace – “It used to be dirty, underground, seedy and successful. Now it’s prom at a private school.” The company is struggling to reinvent itself. But traffic continues to plunge. Comscore says they had 80 million worldwide unique visitors in December. They had around 90 million in October before the big redesign. A year ago… Read More

  • How A Startup Pivots: The Tagged Story (So Far)

    Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Greg Tseng, who co-founded Tagged in October 2004 and has served as Chief Executive Officer since its inception. He has been a driving force in creating Tagged.com with his partner, co-founder and long-time friend, Johann Schleier-Smith. In September, I gave a candid update on Tagged in a video interview with Michael Arrington, discussing how… Read More

  • How Tagged Found A 100 Million User Path Post Facebookocalypse (Video)

    Heard of Tagged? Back in 2005 it was a teenager-only social network, catering primarily to U.S. high school students as Facebook charged through the college crowds. By 2007 they were profitable and worth over $100 million. Just one problem though. Facebook eventually started letting high school students in, and then everyone else. Tagged responded by opening up to everyone, too. But by mid… Read More

  • Tagged.com Wins $201,975 In Default Judgment Against Spammer

    Social networking company Tagged.com has been awarded more than $200,000 in a default judgment against Erik Vogeler, who spammed thousands of Tagged members by sending them unsolicited messages with links to an adult dating website. In a ruling issued earlier this week, a U.S. District Court Judge in the northern district of California found Vogeler guilty of sending messages to 6,079 Tagged… Read More

  • Let's Not Put Tagged In The DeadPool Just Yet

    Harsh words from peHUB yesterday about social networking site Tagged. They took an article complaining about invitation spam and drew a line practically putting the company into the deadpool. In our opinion, Tagged is actually humming along quite nicely. On the spam issue: Tagged has always been aggressive about “encouraging” users to add their address book and invite new users. Read More

  • Modeling The True Value Of Social Networks: 2009 Edition

    A year ago we modeled out the true value of various social networks based on the idea that users in high-value online advertising markets like Japan, the UK and the U.S. were worth more (financially speaking) than those in lower value online advertising markets. Facebook had recently become the largest worldwide social network in terms of users, but based on our model MySpace was still by far… Read More

  • Top Social Media Sites of 2008 (Facebook Still Rising)

    What were the top social media sites of 2008? ComScore came out with its worldwide traffic stats for November a few days ago (so these don’t include December). They are a mix of social networks and blogging platforms. Blogger, the orange line in the chart above, still rules the roost with an estimated 222 million unique worldwide visitors in November (up 44 percent from November, 2007). Read More

  • Modeling The Real Market Value Of Social Networks

    Is MySpace worth $3 billion, or $20 billion? It depends on how you value a user. It’s time to start comparing the big global social networks on something other than unique visitors and page views. I believe an effective way to value a particular user is based on the average Internet advertising spend per person in the country they live in. The higher the spend, the more value the… Read More

  • Microsoft Embracing Data Portability? Partnerships WIth Facebook, Bebo, Hi5, LinkedIn and Tagged

    Bowing to the inevitable, Microsoft took a big step today towards data portability by announcing that Windows Live contacts can now be exported to social networks and other Websites. Its Windows Live Contacts API will work with Facebook, Bebo, Hi5, Taged, and LinkedIn to start. Members of those social networks will be able to import their Windows Live contacts (i.e., their Hotmail address… Read More

  • Meebo Turns Chat Rooms Into A Web Service

    Today, Web-based IM and chat room provider Meebo is releasing full-fledged APIs for its Meebo Rooms that will allow Websites to embed chat functionality in an automated fashion. Currently, Meebo Rooms can be embedded on sites or blogs manually by pasting in the appropriate code, which has already led to a proliferation of such widgets. There are more than 200,000 Meebo Rooms, attracting… Read More

  • Big Money For Tagged, Too

    Word about social network Hi5’s $20 million financing leaked earlier today. But that isn’t it for social networking funding news. We hear it from a good source, but without confirmation by the company, that Tagged has raised its own $15 million round, on a $102 million pre-money valuation. We do not know who made the investment. This is Tagged’s third round of financing. Read More

  • Tagged Turns Profitable – May Be Fastest Growing Social Network

    Silicon Valley based Tagged was a young-teen focused social network that, like Piczo, focused on security of its users first. It is part of a vague second-tier of social networks that assemble under the MySpace/Facebook giants and includes Hi5 (which is fast becoming a first tier player), Bebo, Piczo, Orkut and Friendster. They’ve raised two rounds of financing – $1.5 from… Read More