• Video: Touchscreen Sends Tactile Information Through The Display Onto Your Hand

    I am not really sure if this is awesome or unnecessary, but here we go: Japan’s University of Electro-Communications has developed a small touchscreen that sends tactile information through the display onto the palm of your hand. In other words, it’s supposed to make you “feel” what’s going on on the screen. Read More

  • Tactile vest helps patients recover balance

    Researchers at UCLA are working on a new device intended to help patients who have lost their sense of balance. The device will help the patient to recover and learn how to move normally again. Read More

  • Japan advances in the development of "perfect" humanoids

    Japan’s most prestigious educational institution, the University of Tokyo, and semiconductor company Matsushita Electric Industrial (Panasonic), today unveiled an ultrasensitive sensor for robot use. The prototype was produced based on MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) nanotechnology and is as small as a bread crumb. It’s made of silicon and covered with elastic rubber. Read More

  • Haptic technology will change the way you think about pushing buttons

    Meet Mr. Happy In reading this fine site of ours, you’ve no doubt occasionally come across the word “haptic.” What does it mean, you ask. I don’t know, I reply. But Popular Mechanics knows, and they know it so well, they’ve got nearly 2,000 words explaining why it’ll be the next big thing to hit consumer electronics. Read More