What In The Hell Is A #TacoEmojiEngine?

Tacos. Emojis. Tacos + Emojis. That’s what Taco Bell rolled out to Twitter yesterday. They called it the “#TacoEmojiEngine.” 🌮🌮 What's #TacoEmojiEngine? Tweet us a 🌮 + a

‘Disrupt Taco Bell’ Hack Stretches Your Dollar On Late Night Burrito Runs

It’s 1 am, you’re hungry and you’ve only got $5. How do you figure out what the maximum amount of grub you can snag inside that budget is? Enter Taco Bell Disrupt

How to make the perfect taco

The Taco Plate is pretty self-explanatory. It’s genius! Or you could buy those new square bottomed taco shells that I saw on TV a while ago. Get a pack of six for $8.