• Join Wil Wheaton And Friends In A Rousing Tabletop Gaming Session

    If you’re a fan of Grant Imahara, Will Wheaton, Jenna Busch, or Sean Plott, this may be just the trick. Wheaton and Felicia Day have created a new series called Tabletop which consists of a series of gamers playing tabletop games. Is it boring, you ask? Absolutely not. Read More

  • Boston Acoustics Receptor Radio: It's HD

    Sure it costs $300, doesn’t have a CD player and high definition radio probably isn’t available in your area, but who cares?! It’s HD capable, and what’s more important than being an early adopter? This tabletop unit from Boston Acoustics is pretty barren, but it’s stylish face might be enough to woo some buyers. The system features two speakers, one in the… Read More