Apple Reportedly Ramping Up For New iPad Mini With Retina Display Later This Year

Apple is indeed gearing up to put a Retina display in next version of the iPad mini, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. The new version of Apple's smaller, 7.9-inch tablet will ha

Nexus 7 Trade-Ins Suggest Lots Of Upgraders To New Model, Little To No Interest From The iPad Crowd

The new Google Nexus 7 is a big improvement over the original with a bunch of additions like LTE and a super high resolution display – the best in tablets, in fact. And that's driving a lot of first

Samsung’s Shape-Shifting Ativ Q Isn’t Pretty, But Running Windows 8 And Android May Make It A Worthy Workhorse

Samsung just pulled back the curtain on a new line of Ativ Windows notebooks, but perhaps the most interesting of the company's new Ativs is a 13.3-inch convertible tablet it hopes will appeal those p

Microsoft’s Julie Larson-Green Says Windows RT’s Slow Start Is A Consumer Education Problem

Microsoft’s Corporate VP for Windows Julie Larson-Green was at WIRED’s Business Conference today, and she was put on the spot when asked by interviewer and WIRED Senior Editor Michael V. C

The Nook HD and HD+ Get Google Play, Knocking Down The Wall On The Barnes & Noble Android Garden

The Nook HD and HD+ got a great update late last night (via Engadget), as Barnes & Noble finally moved away from its closed and system-specific app and media ecosystem. The two Android tablets now

News Corp’s Education Tablet May Be The Bureaucratic Fit Schools Need To Adopt Tech

Public school systems are cheerfully decorated dictatorships: discipline, standards, and testing are the driving concepts of modern k-12 education. The very reason why districts purchase bundles of th

Wacom Teases Mobile Tablet With Pro Pressure Sensitivity, Multi-Touch And HD Display Coming This Summer

Wacom, the leading player when it comes to pressure-sensitive input devices aimed at photo and digital art professionals, has teased an upcoming mobile tablet product on its Facebook account. In respo

One In Four Mobile Users Keep Dirty Pics Or Vids On Their Smartphone, And We All Know It’s You

A new survey from software security company AVG announced today reveals that a full 25 percent of mobile users keep "intimate photos or videos" on their smartphones or tablet devices, a surprisingly h

NVIDIA Looking To Build Tegra Reference Devices Itself To Flood The Market, Report Claims

NVIDIA is hoping to win back mobile processor marketshare with a plan that involves building its own smartphone and tablet hardware designs and offering them white label to OEMs in Russia and China, a

The Playsurface Brings A Lot More To The Touchscreen Table Than Just Touch [Video]

The Playsurface, a spin-off project from Templeman Automation that aims to provide a low-cost alternative to interactive touch table devices like Microsoft's PixelSense (formerly known as the surface)

Panasonic Debuts 20-inch 4K Windows 8 Tablet: Less Than Half An Inch With Stylus Input

Panasonic showed off a new tablet device at its CES 2013 keynote today. The Windows 8-based device is less than half-an-inch thick, with a 20-inch screen with 4K resolution for ultra-crisp images. The

For Web Content Formatting, Apple Makes iPad Mini Indistinguishable From Regular iPad

Apple made a big deal about the iPad mini providing an uncompromised iPad experience for users, and it's standing by that by making it impossible for web developers to detect whether a web page is bei

Google Wages War With Apple And The Rest Of The Tablet Industry, Unleashes Impressive Nexus 7 +Mobile

In July, after the Google I/O developer event, I <a target="_blank" href="">reviewed t

Review: Google’s Android OS Might Be Better Suited For Tablets, And The Nexus 10 Is A Shining Example

This week, Google announced a <a href="">new lineup of devices</a> that would be

Tablet First, Mobile Second.

Developers tend to think "mobile first, tablet second" because tablets seem like stretched out mobile devices, and mobiles tend to have much higher install bases. The devs reason that if they design f

The Hex3 JaJa Stylus: A Pressure-Sensitive iPad Drawing Tool That Uses Sound To Paint A Picture

Meet the Hex3 JaJa stylus, a pressure-sensitive drawing tool for the iPad (and other tablets, too) that transmits information to the device via sound waves, eschewing the need for a Bluetooth connecti

Tim Cook On Steve Jobs’ Tablet Rant: We Will Never Make A 7-Inch Tablet, We Don’t Think They’re Good Products

During the Q4 Apple earnings call, Cook addressed words spoken by Steve Jobs in the past regarding a 7-inch tablet <blockquote>On comments that Steve made before about 7 inch tablets, let me be cle

Acer’s Android 4.1-Powered 7-Inch Iconia Tab A110 Hits U.S. And Canada October 30 For $229.99

This holiday season may well belong to the affordable, small tablet, and Acer doesn't intend to be left behind in the dust of Amazon and Apple. The company has priced and dated its Iconia Tab A110, An

Sizing Up Apple’s Potential iPad Mini Storage, Display And Wireless Connectivity Options

Apple has yet to announce the event at which it'll supposedly announce an iPad mini, but the rumors are reaching a fever pitch ahead of anything official. Now, a new report provides new info regarding

Report: Amazon In Advanced Talks To Buy Texas Instruments’ Mobile Chip Business In Deal Worth Billions

Amazon is in "advanced negotiations" to buy Texas Instruments' mobile chip business, according to Israeli newspaper Calcalist, with the price expected to be in the billions of dollars range. If the de
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