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ASUS T91 tablet netbook to hit US retailers soon

<img src="" alt="T91" />If you've been holding out for a convertible touchscreen tablet netbook, your wait may soon be over. Asus has put the

Video: Archos 9 tablet looks nice, may cost under $500 this fall

Ooh la la, here’s video of the Archos 9, straight from a recent Archos event in Paris. The quick and dirty: about three hours battery life, Windows 7, 8.9-inch 1024×600 touchscreen, 80GB ha

Ray Ozzie angers Tablet PC-heads

Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect, called Tablet PCs “niche” last week and angered Tablet PC lovers the world over. Why? Mostly because even Microsoft isn’t backi

Lenovo's X200 tablet PC gets spec'd

Although I’m sure that it will be blown out of the water by the $200 tablet PC Mike wants to build, in the absence of any actual competitor from that sector this X200 looks pretty nice. It&#8217

Dell Latitude XT owners get free multitouch upgrade

Here are Hans and Roy from Dell to tell you about the new multitouch firmware upgrade for the Latitude XT tablet PC. Hey relax, Roy, you’re doing fine, buddy. Just slow down a bit and watch those er

Toshiba M700 series tablets feature touch screen LEDs

Toshiba has two new tablet notebooks up for sale starting today. Both belonging to the Portégé M700 series, they are the "company’s first Tablet PC to incorporate a touch screen L

Newsware: Dragging Journalists Into the 21st Century Since [Some Earlier Time]

Actual, out-in-the-field reporters have the benefit of breathing fresh air every day. This little toolkit concept, the handiwork of Benjamin Kuhn, includes a small video camera, audio recorder and a t

Spybot Search and Destroy Destroys Tablet PCs: Can You Blame It?

, an anti-spyware application, that it is dealing with some hard core spyware. The resulting fix disables most of the tablet buttons and locks out the pen settings icon in the system tray. You can res