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Asus Eee Pad coming in July

<img src="" />We're about to see another manufacturer throw their hat into the Tablet PC ring. ASUS is expected to show out their Ee

Condé Nast betting the farm on tablet PCs

<img src="" />It's good to see at least one print media outlet start to get it. Conde Nast announced recently that Wired isn't going to

Duo Digital: touchscreen for laptops and LCD's

PNF (Pen And Free Co.) released the Duo, so you can turn your laptop into a touchscreen without ripping it apart. You just install the receiving station on top or on the side of your screen, define th

Axiotron releases updated Modbook

Axiotron announced yesterday that they are releasing an updated version of their tablet Mac solution, the Modbook. While the update mainly consists of some minor hardware changes, the really juicy bit

Tablet BrickBook! Third party, of course, and expensive as hell

If you really like explaining things to strangers, you’ll love having one of these. Because every passer-by will stop, think, and then ask the obvious question. And you’ll have to talk abo

Apple touch tablet patents are pretty much what you expect

Apple Insider uncovered some documents filed by Apple a couple months ago detailing some aspects of a touch-based interface in a full OS X environment. It shows a pair of horribly gnarled hands intera

Albatron's "Tee PC" is almost good

I like that companies are putting out little stripped down tablets, it means we’re moving into the future. But I can’t congratulate Albatron just yet. If you are going to embrace the futur

Where Are We In The Hype Cycle?

New technologies tend to follow different trajectories of hype, hope, and despair as they are discovered by different groups of people and finally adopted (or ignored) by consumers. Gartner actually g

Roper launches badass ruggedized tablet PC with 8-inch touchscreen

[photopress:roper_duros1.jpg,full,center]There aren’t many XP machines that get my drool factory started, but the Duros from Roper is one. It’s a ruggedized tablet PC, ideal for worksites,

Dell's Latitude XT tablet-hybrid PC now buyable, with free shipping

Touchers unite! Dell’s much-anticipated but rather expensive touchscreen laptop/tablet PC is now available for purchase on their website. The hard drive is a little skimpy, so upgrade that, and

New details on Dell's first Tablet PC: It will have multitouch!

We know that Apple’s working on multitouch MacBooks, but it might be Dell that first brings the technology to the market. Buried in a story about Dell’s efforts to go greener is word the t

Dell's first tablet PC ready to rock November 5

You’ve been a patient poppet, haven’t you? You’ve wanted a tablet PC, but you’re loyal to Dell, who’s been more than stingy with them. But we have good news for you, frie

Toshiba Laptops Get UWB

Toshiba has announced that the ultra-wideband, UWB, technology we heard about at CES is now readily available in the uber expensive R400 Tablet PC/laptop line. While UWB lets you transfer data faster

Dell To Make Tablet PCs By Years End

Dell has gone and done it. They’ve confirmed the rumors that they’ll be delving into the tablet PC market. Now I could go and give you the details, but I think Jeff Clarke will do a better

Lenovo Tablet PC with Santa Rosa

The Lenovo ThinkPad X61 tablet PC was accidently leaked and the specs look pretty tempting. Not only does it have the latest Intel processor, Santa Rose, it also includes a few other things you might

HP's Compaq Tablet Lineup Grows By One, the 2710p: It Comes Out in July

News of HP’s entrance into the gaming notebook market rocked the world yesterday and today brings word of an addition to its tablet lineup. It’s the 2710p and we have no idea what it does,

Gateway Announces E-155C Tablet

How Gateway is still around and turning a profit in 2007 is beyond me, but apparently they’re pulling it off somehow. The latest from the Gate’ is the E-155C convertible tablet PC. Some of

Lookin' Good – The Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC

Personally, if a tablet PC doesn’t have a built-in keyboard, it’s completely useless. Thankfully Fujitsu knows that a keyboard + tablet PC + great design = a winner. The P1610 tablet PC of

LG's Sleek C1 Tablet PC

LG’s quickly becoming one of the “designer” labels, well, everything, seeing as they make phones, refrigerators, laptops and various electronics. This LG C1 Tablet PC continues their