Surface to surface in AT&T stores

And you thought the Surface was all hot air! Microsoft and AT&T have teamed up to place Surface computers in AT&T stores. By placing a phone on the machine, you can call up information and spe

The Wave: 480 motion-sensing LEDs in a table, just for fun

[photopress:LED_Table.jpg,full,left]Sure, it’s no Microsoft’s Surface, but it’s pretty cool anyway. Using an array of infrared sensors and a CPU, the LED table tracks motion and acti

Sun Table powers laptop, costs roughly as much as a whole pallet of extra laptop batteries

  Bolt four sticks onto a giant solar panel and what do you get? That’s right, a $3600 table that charges in 3 hours and can power your laptop and other crud using a built-in 150-watt power

All the Surface Coverage You Ever Wanted

Now that Microsoft is leading us into a strange, table-shaped, and surprisingly dirty future, what does the blogospher have to say about it all? While we all know that this thing will probably never &

Loo Read Bathroom Table: Go Ahead, Write a Book While You're in There

People who read while in the bathroom should be made to take a long walk off a short pier. I realize my opinions are controversial, but I apologize to no one, especially to Loo Read users. It’s