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Strange Video: Happinet Lets You Play Table Tennis Against Invisible Opponents

<img src="" /> If you happen to be a table tennis player who's never able to find a partner to play with, here's your chance:

Japanese University Works On "intelligent" Table Tennis Robot

<img src="" /> I remember us blogging about <a href="">baseball-

Robopong lets you play friendless table tennis

The Achilles heel of table tennis: people without friends can’t play. Unless you raise the one side of the table, I suppose. But why do that when you can buy an automatic ball-shooting machine? The

Just a reminder to watch Olympic Table Tennis

Six-person, round-table ping pong? If it ain’t broke…

Just one man’s opinion, but I’ve never had any beef with traditional ping pong. If you, however, find yourself longing to play on, say, a round table with five other people (perhaps all wearing me