Martin King, Inventor of T9, Dead

We owe a debt of gratitude to Martin King, the relatively unsung entrepreneur and inventor of T9 predictive texting. The technology, which predated systems like Swype, used a dictionary to “find

What's the quicker texting method: T9 or QWERTY?

Some people, like Peter Ha, text like it’s their job. It’s those people that The Symbian Blog are targeting with this interesting text messaging shootout, which pits the Nokia E71 and E90,

More info about the HTC Touch Dual

Just got a look at the forthcoming HTC Touch Dual that Matt told us all about earlier today and I have some more information for you, plus a video. 1. It’ll be sold exclusively through Best Buy

HTC Touch gets keypad, keyboard options

Peter liked the HTC Touch when he got his hands on it last year, and HTC has done a pretty good job of making it not just a product but a brand. The latest is the Touch Dual, a slimmer version of the