• Get Ready To Tap That App With T-Pain's New App, Booty Symphony

    I don’t usually use PR namesakes in headlines, but “Get ready to tap that app,” only seemed fitting. What we got here is a new Android app from T-Pain’s label, Nappy Boy Entertainment, called Booty Symphony. What is it? Why would anyone want it? Well, it’s kind of a music video creation / soundboard thingamajig. Does that answer it? Read More

  • Medio gets all up in T-Mobile's T-Zone, T-Pain nods in approval

    [photopress:medio.jpg,full,left]T-Mobile’s T-Zones is getting something of an upgrade in Medio’s On-Device Portal, a one-click for everything solution for the non-smartphone set. The MOD Portal, as we’re calling it, is a stripped down, but feature-rich launchpad for finding mobile content on handsets, for finding sports scores, weather, news, and other content easily… Read More