• Circuit City brick and mortar stores might live again

    We all know the story: Circuit City Stores spiraled down from its high point in the late 90’s to bankruptcy in 2008 and then liquidation in 2009. Systemax then bought the rights to the brand a few months later and quickly relaunched Since then Systemax has been racking in the cash. So much cash in fact that Systemax is thinking about opening some Circuit City… Read More

  • relauches – kind of

    We knew that was going to relaunch and it looks like that will happen real soon. Systemax Inc. did indeed purchase the brand and website from the bankrupt company and has plans to relaunch the website. The updated has info about the the launch and new company right now, but expect the full site to be up in a few days. Read More

  • The Circuit City brand and website could be sold to Systemax (who owns CompUSA)

    A tipster informed us about the mysterious message a week ago, and it seems that the brand might indeed be resurrected. Systemax, of TigerDirect and CompUSA fame, is interested in purchasing Circuit City‘s brandname and website for $6.5 million. There is a chance for other potential bidders to submit offers until May 11. Systemax has done a decient job of raising CompUSA… Read More

  • Systemax Pursuit 4155: $999 Vista Ultimate Laptop

    One of the big whining talking points about Microsoft Windows Vista when it rolled out was the system requirements to run the OS effectively. The Systemax Pursuit 4155 notebook is proof that all the fuss was a little unwarranted. I recently did a full roundup of four notebooks that were less than $1,000 and all were running Vista Home Premium, which is the step-down from the Ultimate… Read More

  • 8×8 + Systemax = VoIP PC

    Sometimes I just like saying “VoIP” even when it doesn’t pertain to anything I’m actually talking aobut. VoIP. Anyhoo this time it does though as PC maker Systemax (the house-brand for announced a new partnership with VoIP-and-videophone communications company 8×8, Inc. yesterday (yes, I know this is late, but I wasn’t around yesterday and… Read More