• Sysomos Acquires Social Marketing Service Expion

    Sysomos Acquires Social Marketing Service Expion

    Sysomos, the social analytics company that recently split from its former acquirer Marketwire, today announced that it has acquired Expion, an enterprise social marketing platform that counts the likes of CocaCola, Heineken, Volvo and other major brands among its customers. Sysomos CEO Lindsay Sparks, who took the job after the company’s split from Marketwire, told me that the company… Read More

  • Report: Use Of Third-Party Twitter Clients Dwindles To 42 Percent

    Report: Use Of Third-Party Twitter Clients Dwindles To 42 Percent

    As we heard last week, Twitter made a bold move regarding its ecosystem, stating that third-party developers should no longer try to compete with Twitter on native clients; instead they should focus on things like data and specific verticals for Tweets. In the email sent to developers, Twitter said that some 90 percent of active Twitter users now use official Twitter apps on a monthly basis… Read More

  • Marketwire Acquires Social Media Monitoring And Analytics Startup Sysomos

    Rumors of social media monitoring and analytics startup Sysomos’ acquisition by Marketwire swirled in the blogosphere yesterday, but today it’s been made official. In a blog post on Sysomos’ site today, the company announced that has been bought by the press release wire service. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Sysomos, which is profitable, offers a data… Read More

  • What Do @BarackObama and @TechCrunch Followers Have In Common?

    What Do @BarackObama and @TechCrunch Followers Have In Common?

    At first glance, our Twitter account, @TechCrunch, doesn’t have much in common with @BarackObama‘s. He’s the President, we are a lowly tech blog. His staff Tweets out quotes from his speeches, we Tweet out links to our stories. He has 5.3 million followers, we have 1.4 million. But according to social media analytics firm Sysomos, both of our followers have the same… Read More

  • Sysomos Audience Puts A Dollar Value On Each Site Visitor

    Social media monitoring firm Sysomos is launching a new service for marketers to measure the dollar value of each person who visits their company’s website. It is called Sysomos Audience (currently in private beta). Sysomos Audience is an analytics tool which at first looks similar to Google Analytics, but with one big difference: it goes beyond measuring visitors directly from… Read More

  • Sysomos: The Kevin Bacon Game Applies To Twitter

    Many of you may have heard of or played the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, which is a trivia game based on the idea that any actor can be linked to actor Kevin Bacon within six steps through roles in movies. Of course, this game is based on an actual philosophical theory, Six Degrees of Separation, which refers to the idea that everyone is at most six steps away from any other person in terms… Read More

  • Less Than One Third Of Tweets Come From The United States, Study Says

    Paris-based Semiocast, which helps brands understand and interact with real-time Web services, has again done a study on Twitter usage. After finding that only 50% of tweets are in English, based on an analysis of 2.8 million tweets, the company has now looked at nearly five times as many Twitter messages in order to gain more insight on the increased international presence of the popular… Read More

  • Twitter And The Nine-Month Bounce

    Twitter And The Nine-Month Bounce

    I’ve long suspected that the basic usage pattern for Twitter is that people try it, don’t get it or become discouraged because they don’t know anyone else on it, but it grows on them eventually until they start using it every day. Many people, of course, never come back, but for those who do, they need to get past that familiarity curve before it becomes an essential… Read More

  • Foursquare + Google Maps = FourWhere

    With the SXSW conference approaching in Austin, we are seeing a lot of geo-location launching this year. A lot of startups are taking advantage of Foursquare’s APIs in particular to get their geo apps quickly out of the gate. Take FourWhere. It is a pretty basic mashup of Foursquare comments and venues overlayed on Google Maps. You can search by city and neighborhood, and see all… Read More

  • It's Not Easy Being Popular. 77 Percent Of Facebook Fan Pages Have Under 1,000 Fans

    In this age of instant Internet celebrity, anyone can become famous for 15 seconds (to rework Andy Warhol’s oft-quoted maxim). But what does famous mean exactly when anyone can have a Facebook fan page—those public pages on Facebook set up by brands, media outlets, celebs, and wanna-be celebs. As it turns out, being popular is not as easy as it looks. A full 77 percent of… Read More

  • The More Followers You Have, The More You Tweet. Or Is It The Other Way Around?

    Oh, the burdens of popularity. We already know that most people on Twitter are sheep with few followers and who don’t Tweet much. But what about the rams? If you want to lead a flock on Twitter, you need to be heard. People with 100 followers send out an average of 2.4 Tweets per day, while those with 1,800 followers Tweet an average of 10.2 a day, according to a new study by Sysomos… Read More