syrian electronic army

The Syrian Electronic Army Hacked Obama’s Twitter Links And Campaign Emails

“Only the links within our tweets had been hacked,” an OFA official acknowledged. “At no point did they have access to the twitter handle,” the official said. Like many compani

Syrian Electronic Army Apparently Hacks DNS Records Of Twitter, NYT Through Registrar Melbourne IT

The Syrian Electronic Army has claimed responsibility for hacking the domain name servers of ¬†two of Twitter’s sites, and a third appears to have been redirected to servers hosted by the SEA. I

NYT Resorts To Bypassing DNS Servers Amid Potential Hacking, WSJ Drops Its Paywall To Capitalize

According to statements from a spokesperson, the New York Times may have been hacked, resulting in the loss of access for many customers. Specifically, it appears that the attack has resulted in the r

Viber Attacked By Syrian Electronic Army

Viber has confirmed a situation earlier this morning in which Viber appeared to have been hacked by the <a target="_blank" href="">Syrian Electronic