ICO services: Lots of barnacles but no whales

Nearly every aspect of the current ICO market is pay-for-play or otherwise tainted. I do not paint the industry with such a broad brush lightly but this sort of chicanery hasn’t existed since th

Google’s new website explains Syrian refugee crisis with 360 degree photos, satellite imagery, video & more

The charitable arm of Google and the UN have teamed up on a new website aimed at helping people better understand the Syrian refugee crisis through the combination of data from the United Nations High

DJI adds much of Iraq and Syria to its list of no-fly zones for its drones

Drone maker DJI has updated their software to turn huge expanses of Syria and Iraq into no-fly zones. DJI usually prevents users from navigating their drones over sensitive areas like military bases a

Flatiron School teams up with Re:Coded to help Syrian refugees learn to code

There are now more than 6.5 million scattered Syrian refugees throughout the world and many of them are left without any way to make a living as the war wages on in their home country. Iraqi NGO Re:Co

A Conversation With DemocracyOS, The YC Non-Profit That Built A Latin American Political Party

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Syria’s Internet Blackout: How The Government Could Have Done It

Last week, the entire country of Syria experienced an Internet blackout. The country's repressive regime claimed that a terrorist attack had taken out the physical cables that connect it to the rest o

Syria Shuts Down Internet In Midst Of Uprising, Mobile Services And Land Lines Partially Down

According to multiple Internet monitoring services, Syrian authorities have cut off access to the Internet. The news comes as an uprising has shaken the country for months, with an opposition trying t

Wikileaks To Publish Millions Of Emails From Syrian Officials

Wikileaks has just announced that they're processing a <a target="_blank" href="">trove of 2.4 million emails</a> from and to Syrian officials that details the links b