Splice launches rent-to-own pricing model for software synths

One by one, most software has succumbed to the cloud; Designers have Adobe, gamers have Steam, programmers have GitHub and now musicians have Splice. Splice is launching a rent-to-own pricing model fo

Making Beats: Man Invents 8-bit Chipophone From Old Organ Case

<img src="" />Here’s something pretty neat. A man by the name of Linus Åkesson has turned an old organ into an 8-bit synth. Click a

Make the synths smaller, Korg! Smaller I say!

What was once applauded as the smallest synthesizer in the world, was stripped of that title this week at the Musikmesse show in Germany. All hail the rightful heir, Korg’s Monotron.

Casio VL-10 synth is miniscule

Synthesizers? Calculators? In the same device?! If your first thought was, “I want one”, then today is your lucky day. The little brother of Casio’s VL-Tone synth, the VL-10, was spo

Low cost synth has four analog voices

So this is weird. This is a Dave Smith synth for $799 with four analog voices. The device, called the Tetra, lets you play straight through with a MIDI keyboard or use the synth via USB to program you

Video: Korg microKORG XL

<img src="" />The <a href="">microKORG</a> has been the world's best selling synth. The new <a href="ht

Storm Synth: Too many hands spoil the face

<img src="">So what are we looking at here? It's a suspended, completely self-contained watch with nine hands that turn in wil

Video: Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer

Dogs barking, bells ringing, the mass of men living in perfect peace. This is what synthesizers are all about. This video shows the OLED test on this beautiful-looking syth made by Japanese synth comp

Cutting-edge voice synth technology from 1939

<img src="">I SAW HER. I saw HER! I SAW her. I saw her. I saw her. I saw her. I saw her. <a HREf="

Weird two-person e-instrument

<img src="">This is an <a HREF="">odd little device</a>. It's a dual-person synth designed for "primates." Here's the de

The Leipzig: An analog synth in a digital world

This cool looking synth, call the Leipzig is completely analog all the way out to the MIDI out, creating odd noises using only the technology your dad would have used in his college band. You can twea