• Ford Dealers To Offer Training For MyFord Touch

    It seems not everyone is able to use the new MyFord Touch system. MyFord Touch is Ford’s new interface, displayed over three screens, that is the next generation of SYNC. While many young people, familiar with tech since birth, find the system generally easy to use, many of the older customers aren’t as tech savvy and have been having difficulty using MyFord. Therefore, Ford… Read More

  • iPhone/iPad Wi-Fi Sync author goes (almost) legit

    You know when an app company is serious when they send out a press release. I’ve gotten more releases about durfy little apps that I know what to do with, but this one is special. Sent to us by Greg, the author of Wi-Fi Sync, it basically says “This is great and new, but to get it you have to hack your iPhone and give money to the Cydia store.” As far as I can tell, this is… Read More

  • Ford adds GPS-enhanced 911 location awareness to its Sync system

    Ford’s Sync system is a fantastic application suite capable of a seemingly endless amount of functions. The system currently provides navigation, traffic info, voice commands, Internet radio, and a 911 Assist mode that automatically dials 911 in case of an accident and provides emergency dispatchers with an approximate location from the connected phone’s GPS or through signal… Read More

  • Hands-on: The next-gen version of Ford's Sync flawlessly controls Pandora and other apps

    Want a single valid reason to buy the 2011 Ford Fiesta besides the silky-smooth 6-speed transmition, roomy interior, and confident ride? Sync. It’s that awesome. The Microsoft co-developed system has been in Ford vehicles for a few years, but the Fiesta is the first car to receive the next-gen functions that bring the hands-free control to Android and BlackBerry apps. This was announced… Read More

  • Ford's Sync AppLink is the missing link between driver and smartphone

    Ford keeps rolling out updates to its Sync ecosystem, this time giving drivers hands-free control of select BlackBerry and Android apps with AppLink. The system will first be available for the 2011 Ford Fiesta later this year with the upgrade rolling out to all Sync-equipped vehicles next year. While the voice-activated service only works with certain apps, it’s still a welcomed addition. Read More

  • Ford's SYNC might change the way we use Internet in our cars

    Ford is set to announce the next version of SYNC at CES this year, but an interesting feature leaked early. Apparently SYNC 3.0 will play nicely with USB modems and turn the car into a rolling Wi-Fi hotspot. The official announced hasn’t been release just yet so keep in mind a key detail my be missing, but so far we like it. This solution is dramatically more versatile and… Read More

  • Funambol: open source mobile cloud sync (with contest!)

    Smartphones are great. Ubiquitous data access is great. Mobile computing is great. Unfortunately, each smartphone represents its own little walled garden of convenience. Apple’s iPhone is tied tightly with iTunes and various other Apple services. Android is tied tightly with Google services. Each manufacturer makes a modicum of effort to allow their smartphone to sync with someone… Read More

  • Nuance and BMW vs Ford and Microsoft

    Ford and Microsoft have found great success partnering together on Sync and the rest of the automotive industry have finally taken notice. We’ve taken Sync for a ride or two and know that it works as advertised. We even took a 2010 Mustang for a spin over the weekend and even without the full-fledged Nav system with touchscreen, Sync worked great. BTW- Ford kicked some ass on the new… Read More

  • Ford ships its 1,000,000th Sync-powered vehicle, Ballmer gets it

    Now, I can’t say I feel one way or the other about Ford and Sync in particular, but this is a worthwhile milestone. Cars are changing fast, and although I doubt they’ll look like these F-Zero-wannabes any time soon, the coalescing of all those dash controls into a single unit is a serious advance. Ford’s Sync is the poster child for these systems, what with… Read More

  • Test Drive: 2009 Lincoln MKS AWD

    This ain’t your daddy’s Lincoln Town Car. In fact, it’s completely different than anything you’ve ever seen before. With balls to the wall power and a teeth shattering sound system, the MKS from Lincoln is a whole other beast. And I like it. Like our other Test Drive features, I won’t get into the gearheadesque details of reviewing a car, but, rather, focus on… Read More

  • Video: A stupendously exciting demo of Ford's Sync 3.0

    Ford and Microsoft has been hard at work upgrading their lovechild named Sync 3.0. The latest version upgrades simply adds more features but maintains the easy-to-use voice-activated system. Simply press the button on the steering wheel and say one of the pre-recorded commands. That’s it. Simple and easy. Exciting video demo after the break. Read More

  • Review: Griffin PowerDock 4

    Short Version: Are you an iFamily? Got lots of iDevices between you, your iDo, and maybe some iKids? Is your house sooooo big that it’s just too much trouble to walk to where your computer is to charge said iGadgets? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Griffin PowerDock 4 is 4U. If you are Brady-sized, you will need two of these. Read More

  • BlackBerry offers free Media Sync software to talk with iTunes

    BlackBerry owners can now download Media Sync for their smartphones. The free download allows for the ability to transfer music from your desktop iTunes collection to most BlackBerry phones. Whole playlists or a random mix of songs can be imported via a USB cable. Changes made in an iTunes playlist will be updated on the BlackBerry the next time they are synched. Supported files include… Read More

  • Computers on wheels: Microsoft Auto

    These days, new cars have a truly new feature, which those in the industry call telematics. You and I would probably call it an in-dash computer, but what do we know? Right now Microsoft has Sync in Fords and competes with OnStar and Hughes Telematics in GM cars and Mercedes/Chryslers respectively. They’ve been around for a little bit and are becoming standard. What’s the next… Read More

  • Microsoft's 'Live Mesh' feature actually seems useful

    Cloud computing (see convoluted diagram above) is slowly warming the hearts of those at Microsoft, especially Ray Ozzie, the man who’s been tasked with filling Bill Gates‘ nerdly shoes. Ozzie came up with an idea for a new Microsoft feature called “Live Mesh,” which will basically allow you to share, synchronize, and access your data from a myriad of internet… Read More

  • Microsoft and Ford team up for SINK!

    Please see Microsoft’s Surface. via TC Read More

  • Google releases Sync for BlackBerries, life is almost complete

    I’ve found the transition from Sidekick to BlackBerry to be an enjoyable and easy task. RIM devices are just so much better. The Sidekick is still a great device and will have a special place in my heart since it did convert me to QWERTY, but I’ve outgrown it and RIM devices have more features, a better OS, third party software support and better hardware. It does everything I need… Read More

  • AppleTV getting calendar/contact sync (??)

    Some of the folks at AppleTVSource found some strings pertaining to calendar and contacts syncing for the Apple TV which sounds fairly far-fetched. Maybe you can add your calendar entries on the TV? The Apple TV will inform you when you’re late? Who knows. Rumor and innuendo, friends. Contacts and Calendar syncing coming to the Apple TV? [AppleTVSource] Read More

  • Verizon to Offer OTA Contact Sync

    Why is this man smiling? Because Verizon today announced it will be selling a service from Plaxo that allows its wireless customers to automagically sync up their contacts between their computers and mobile devices, over the air. The Java BREW application is compatible with most current Verizon handsets and costs $4.49 a month. While we’d rather see this as a one-time fee-for-service… Read More

  • Mark/Space Discontinues MissingSync for Hiptop

    <img src=" and now, like the Autumn leaves dragged down the storm drain, it is gone. Is it really that unpopular to use a SK3 with a Mac? What's going on here, people? Is it a corollary effect? The more potential Swavorski crystals on a device the less you actually want to use it for something useful? Oh well. Anything else… Read More