Ford cars with SYNC 3 are getting Waze support

Ford is bringing crowdsourced navigation app Waze to its SYNC 3 infotainment system, the companies announced at CES 2018. The app will be available via Ford’s AppLink tech, offering up a Waze in

Sync, BitTorrent’s Free File Sharing Service, Exits Beta With A $40 Pro Tier

BitTorrent is today taking one more step ahead in its bid to create a revenue-generating business out of its peer-to-peer file-sharing network. Sync, the desktop and mobile file synchronising service

Ford Ditches Microsoft For QNX In Latest In-Vehicle Tech Platform

Ford today took the wraps off Sync 3, its next-generation, in-car technology package that's, as you'd expect, faster, sleeker and much improved from the old one. It's also more intuitive and easier on

Sync, BitTorrent’s Dropbox Rival, Now Lets You Share With Links, Hits 10M Installs

Sync, a free file-sharing and synchronising service from P2P company BitTorrent that works like a server-less, cloudless Dropbox, has amassed 10 million user installs and 80 petabytes of data transfe

Music Video Syncing Platform Vadio Raises $2M, Partners With VEVO

Bryce Clemmer says more people are streaming music and visiting sites like YouTube to view music videos every year. To tap into this growing group, Clemmer co-founded Vadio, a platform that allows str

Boombotix Develops Sync Tech For Concurrent Playback Over Bluetooth, Seeks Funding On Kickstarter

Boombotix, a startup based out of SF building rugged speakers for active lifestyle use, today launched a new Kickstarter campaign, this time for a new technology it's building to complement it hardwar

Sync, BitTorrent’s Server-Less Dropbox Competitor, Hits 1M Active Users, Now Available As An API

<a target="_blank" href="">Sync</a>, a file synchronization service from P2P platform <a target="_blank" href="">BitTorrent</a>

Skype Will Finally Start Syncing Chat Messages Across Devices

If you use <a target="_blank" href="">Skype</a> on your phone and desktop, you know how annoying its inability to effectively keep your chat message status in sync between different ma

BitTorrent’s File Synchronizing Service Sync, Still In Beta, Launches As An iOS App

<a target="_blank" href="">BitTorrent</a>, which years ago first made its name as an efficient distribution network for music and video (sometimes not for the most legit of en

Loom Lets You Sync & Store Your Photos In The Cloud, Save Space On Your Devices

<a target="_blank" href="">Loom</a>, the new cloud storage and syncing service emerging from the ashes of Y Combinator-backed Popset, is today opening its doors, and heading into b

BitTorrent Takes Its Sync File Synchronizing App Into Beta As It Prepares To Add Premium, Paid Features

Bit by bit, <a target="_blank" href="">BitTorrent</a>, the P2P platform that has <a href="">worked hard to erase conn

MightyText, “The iMessage for Android,” Targets iCloud With New Cross-Device Photo And Video Sync

Today, our lives are spread across a growing array of digital devices, from smartphones and laptops to tablets and connected TVs. While each device tends to perform certain tasks better than others, a

Dropbox Unveils Sync API For Mobile Developers, Allows Apps To Work With Cloud-Based Files As If They Were Local

Dropbox is unveiling a brand new API for developers today that should give mobile app makers an excellent new tool to work with. The Dropbox Sync API allows apps for iOS and Android to treat files sto

Google Does Winter Cleaning, Shuts Down “Less Popular” Calendar Features, Punchd Loyalty App, Multiple Sync Services

Google likes to make sweeping changes in bulk, getting rid of features that it thinks don't really matter. Why don't they matter? Its users tell them so by not using them. In a <a target="_blank" h

Ford Announces Improved SYNC With Smarter Voice Recognition And Simplified Controls

Earlier this month, Ford announced that it had delivered its 5 millionth SYNC-enabled vehicle. Today, the company is announcing an update to its Microsoft-powered in-car entertainment and connectivity

Ford And Microsoft Deliver Their 5 Millionth SYNC-Enabled Vehicle, Plan To Bring Cloud And Car Closer Together

At GigaOm's <a target="_blank" href="">Roadmap event</a> today, Microsoft and Ford just <a target="_blank" href="

Plan Epic Dates: BeCouply’s Wins The Disrupt Hackathon SYNC AppLink Developer Challenge

Almost a week ago, we kicked off our Hackathon at TechCrunch Disrupt. Before the event started, Ford had already picked a number of teams that would get access to the otherwise closed Ford AppLink API

Music Streaming Service MOG Comes To Ford SYNC AppLink

<a target="_blank" href="">MOG</a>, the popular streaming music service, today announced that it is partnering with Ford to bring its service to the car manufacturer's <a target="_blank"

Fruux Keeps Your Calendars and Contacts In Sync Between All Of Your Devices

Keeping your calendars, contacts and tasks in sync between all of your devices is still a bit of a hassle - especially if you use different operating systems and vendors. Germany-based <a href="https:

YouSendIt Ups Its Game With New Desktop & Mobile Apps

<a href="">YouSendIt</a>, a cloud collaboration company that got its start long before "cloud" was cool, is today launching new mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad and An
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