The Top Tech News (and Parties) From SXSW Music

As tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs nursed their hangovers and headed home after SXSW Interactive, there were still newsworthy launches, panels, and campaigns going on at <a href="http://schedule

Dave Morin Talks Path 2.1, Facebook’s IPO Effect, And Those New Funding Rumors [TCTV]

TechCrunch TV talked to <a href="">Path</a> co-founder and CEO Dave Morin last week while we were at the South By Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, Texas. It's always inte

Meet Cerealize And The Rest Of The Apps Born On The 2012 StartupBus [TCTV]

What kind of tech startup can be built over four days, while riding across the country on a bumpy bus with somewhat dodgy Wi-Fi? The people who took the <a href="">Start

Robert Scoble Talks Startups And The Changing Face Of SXSW [TCTV]

Earlier this week, TechCrunch TV hosted a <a href="">live show</a> from the floor of

Up Next For Brit Morin’s Geek-Chic Lifestyle Brand: Custom Apps [TCTV]

The last time TechCrunch checked in with Brittany Morin was in mid-November 2011, when the <a href="">former Goo

Getty Images CEO On Building A Company That Lasts [TCTV]

Some people are surprised when they find out that <a href="">Getty Images</a> is just 17 years old -- its brand name has become such an institution in the image licensing an

TaskRabbit Talks International Growth: London, Vancouver “On The Horizon” [TCTV]

<a href="">TaskRabbit</a>, the online marketplace that lets people outsource small tasks and errands to others for negotiated fees, expanded operations into Austin, Texas this

Democrats And Republicans Agree: We Need More Startups [TCTV]

Even in an election year where Republicans and Democrats are at each others' throats even more than usual, there is still one political issue in the United States that both sides have to get behind in

Trey Ratcliff On The Rise Of Social Photography [TCTV]

Trey Ratcliff, the travel photographer known for popularizing HDR (high dynamic range) photo techniques online through his very popular <a href="">Stuck In Customs</a> bl

Kickstart Your Own SXSW: Hear It Local Lets You Crowdfund Private Concerts

Looking for a band for your tech conference, wedding, or launch party? San Francisco startup <a href="">Hear It Local</a> has just launched a private concert booking and crowdf

Ray Kurzweil: “You Are What You Think” [TCTV]

Here is the second half of our two-part interview with legendary inventor and thought leader <a href="">Ray Kurzweil</a> (you can see part one <a href

How Forest Whitaker Wants to Crowdsource Filmmaking [TCTV]

Academy Award winning actor Forest Whitaker was at SXSW this past weekend, where his JuntoBox Films studio -- which combines crowdsourcing social media technology with traditional film production -- a

Ray Kurzweil Talks Entrepreneurship, Apps, And The Future Of Education [TCTV]

Legendary scientist, inventor, futurist, and all-around tech icon <a href="">Ray Kurzweil</a> is attending the ongoing <a href="

Social Discovery Apps Like Highlight Are A Recruiter’s Wet Dream At SXSW

The history of location-based social discovery apps is a lot longer than the current hype surrounding <a href="">Highlight</a> and <a href="">Glancee</a>, curr

Instagram Reaches 27 Million Registered Users And Says Its Android App Is Nearly Here

Instagram, the photo-sharing app that has taken a definitive lead on iOS, said it has surpassed 27 million registered users. Co-founder Kevin Systrom didn't disclose daily active users. But he did

KPCB’s Bing Gordon: How To Tell Amateur Founders From The Pros [TCTV]

Don't be fooled by Bing Gordon's buttoned-up sounding job title <a href="">as a partner</a> at top tier Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caulfield

A Better Live Wiki: HackPad Could Be Your SXSW Backchannel

There are lots of apps for finding the right people and parties at South By Southwest this year, but what about, you know, actually going to panels and sharing your thoughts about them? Well, there's

Apple Goes Big In Texas With $304 Million Austin Campus

Most of the news around Austin this week is centered around <a href="">SXSW</a>, naturally, but Texas Governor (and erstwhile presidential candidate) R

How To Win At SXSW: Give Away Experiences, Not Grub and Booze

The fundamental mistake companies make when marketing at <a href="">SXSW</a> is giving away things I can easily buy on my own. Open bars and taco giveaways only attract freeloaders. If

StartupBus To SXSW Day Three: Las Cruces To San Antonio [TCTV]

<a href="">StartupBus</a>, the hackathon-on-wheels in which busloads of entrepreneurs make the journey down to the <a href="">South By South
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